March 5, 2018

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Zinke Abruptly Postpones Lease Sale Near New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon – Washington Post

We’ve Radically Underestimated How Vulnerable Americans Are to Flooding – Vox

Pruitt Tapes: Evolution’s a ‘Theory’ – Politico

The World Is Embracing SUVs. That’s Bad News for the Climate. – The New York Times

‘Global Deforestation Hotspot’: 3 Million Hectares of Australian Forest to Be Lost in 15 Years – The Guardian

Arctic Spring Is Starting 16 Days Earlier than a Decade Ago, Study Shows – The Guardian

Fishing and Tourism Groups to Oppose Offshore Drilling Plan – Associated Press

As Its Wealth Fund Goes Green, Norway’s Firms Struggle to Keep Up – Reuters