Today’s Climate: August 7, 2009

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NY Governor Signs Order Setting Emissions Goal (Albany Times Union)

New York Gov. David Paterson has signed an executive order that sets a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all statewide sources by 80 percent from 1990 levels by 2050.

$2-Billion Infusion Coming to Cash for Clunkers Program (Detroit Free Press)

Cash for clunkers will live another few weeks after the U.S. Senate approved a $2-billion emergency refill of the popular program by a vote of 60 to 37.

Gov. Crist May Cancel Climate Summit (Miami Herald)

Under mounting criticism from fellow Republicans, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist looks ready to cancel his climate change summit and is backing away from advocating a cap-and-trade policy.

Climate Bill Is Threatened by Senators (New York Times)

Ten Senate Democrats from coal states sent a letter to Pres. Obama saying they would not support any climate bill that did not protect American industries from competition from nations that did not impose similar restraints on greenhouse gases.

Utilities File for $200M from Federal Stimulus to Modernize Electric Grid (AP)

Utilities on Thursday sought up to $200 million apiece from the federal government’s stimulus package that they would use to modernize the nation’s electric distribution system.

Study Finds 3 Northwest Glaciers Shrinking Faster (McClatchy)

Three of America’s most studied glaciers have shown a "rapid and sustained" retreat, according to a report by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Global Deal Needs ‘Strong’ 2020 targets: UN Climate Chief (AFP)

The global climate treaty slated for completion by year’s end will be crippled without "strong commitments" from rich nations on slashing CO2 emissions by 2020, the UN’s top climate official said.

U.S. Sees Progress with Brazil on Climate Talks (Reuters)

Brazil has the clout and credibility to assert itself as a leading voice in world climate talks to help ensure the success of any new climate treaty, the top U.S. environmental diplomat has said.

Arctic Ocean May Be Polluted Soup by 2070 (NewScientist)

Without drastic carbon cuts, the Transpolar Drift, one of the Arctic’s most powerful currents and a key disperser of pollutants, is likely to disappear because of global warming. That could turn the Arctic Ocean into a stagnant, polluted soup within 60 years.

Plan Urged to Save National Parks from Global Warming Effects (Los Angeles Times)

Climate change could result in the catastrophic loss of wildlife, a new report says. The study calls on the National Park Service to create a new system to manage animals and plants.

China’s Solar Plans Could Stall Without Installers (Dow Jones)

China is on its way to becoming a solar power — with financial incentives coming from every corner of the country — but a lack of experienced project developers and equipment installers may cast a shadow over the growing industry.

Vestas Six Face Eviction by Bailiffs (Guardian)

A group of six sacked workers barricaded inside the Vestas wind turbine factory in Britain are set to be evicted today.

Swiss Seek Pope’s Blessing to Stop Glacier Melting (Reuters)

After centuries of praying for a local glacier to stop growing, Swiss villagers are now seeking an audience with Pope Benedict to get his blessing for prayers against the global warming that is causing it to recede.

More Accurate Weather Forecasts Coming Soon (ScienceDaily)

More accurate global weather forecasts and a better understanding of climate change are expected soon, thanks to a breakthrough by engineers at Queen’s University Belfast’s Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology.