Keystone XL: Bush’s No-Brainer, Obama’s Dilemma — In Infographics

Graphic credit: Paul Horn/InsideClimate News

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Today InsideClimate News is publishing a new e-book, Keystone and Beyond: Tar Sands and the National Interest in the Era of Climate Change. The book provides the most definitive account yet of the Keystone XL pipeline saga.

It is available for one week as a FREE download here, and can also be read in any web browser.

The book includes several infographics to illuminate the major issues and history behind the Keystone XL decision, including: the Bush-Cheney energy strategy; the changing economics of U.S. energy production; the emerging science on the social costs of carbon and the global carbon budget; and more.

Here is a sampling of the graphics (all enlargeable and attached for download below):

Bush-Cheney Record on Oil Sands and Climate Change

The Keystone pipeline system has its origins in energy policy decisions made by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney almost from the moment they took office. A timeline:

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The U.S. Energy Security Story: A 180-Degree Turn in 10 Years

America’s domestic energy supplies are growing faster than ever, casting doubt on the need for tar sands imports. The figures:

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America’s domestic energy supplies were growing faster than ever.

Keystone XL: Who Will Pay the Hidden Costs?

How much will the Keystone’s extra CO2 emissions cost society? The estimate, illustrated:

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