July 8, 2019

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Ravaged by Drought, a Honduran Village Faces a Choice: Pray for Rain or Migrate – InsideClimate News

As Ticks Spread, New Disease Risks Threaten People, Pets and Livestock – InsideClimate News

A Climate Disaster Is Happening Every Week, UN Warns – The Guardian

Record-Crushing Heat Torches Alaska as Anchorage Hits All-Time High of 90 – Washington Post

One to Fight Climate Change: Plant a Trillion Trees – Associated Press

As Floods Keep Coming, Cities Pay Residents to Move – The New York Times

U.S. Biofuel Quotas Would Get Modest Bump Under EPA Proposal – Bloomberg

Ancient Life Awakens Amid Thawing Ice Caps and Permafrost – Washington Post