April 11, 2019

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Trump Aims to Speed Pipeline Projects by Limiting State Environmental Reviews – InsideClimate News

Global Warming Stands to Make Corporate Security as High-Stakes in the 21st Century as It Was in the 19th – The New York Times

More Than 4,500 Amazon Employees Urge Company to Take Aggressive Action on Climate Change – CNBC

Could Offshore Drilling Near Florida Cost Trump Re-Election? – Politico

Automakers Plan for Regulatory Chaos After Trump’s Emissions Rollback – The New York Times

Hemisphere-Wide Heat Waves Like 2018’s Grow More Common with Climate Change – InsideClimate News

Canada’s Building Code Is Getting a Climate Change Rewrite – CBC

House Panel Launches Probe into Whether EPA’s Bill Wehrum Improperly Aided Former Utility Industry Clients – Washington Post