August 13, 2020

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Scientists Warned Trump’s Wall Would Threaten Endangered Species. Officials Ignored Them – The Guardian

Inside Clean Energy: Biden’s Climate Plan Shows Net Zero is Now Mainstream – InsideClimate News

Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Have Lost Millions of Metric Tons of Ice – Scientific American

Video: Covid-19 Will Be Just ‘One of Many’ New Infectious Diseases Spilling Over From Animals to Humans – InsideClimate News

Living in the Dark: Native Reservations Struggle With Power Shortages During the Pandemic – The Guardian

Global Warming Could Unlock Carbon From Tropical Soil – The New York Times

Energy Department Proposes Showerhead Standards Rollback After Trump Complains – The Hill

Wind and Solar Produced 10 Percent of Global Electricity in First Half of 2020 – Reuters