Copenhagen: Day 7

‘We Need Heads of State to Cut the Deal’

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Negotiators for African countries halted the Copenhagen climate negotiations in protest on Monday, accusing wealthy nations of trying to kill the Kyoto Protocol and not living up to their promises.

The talks resumed after about five hours, but the gaps in negotiating positions were still wide, particularly in how much money should be offered and how ambitious emissions cuts should be.

It’s becoming clear that negotiators don’t have the political mandate to come through on their promises of funding, said Marcelo Furtado of Greenpeace. “We indeed need heads of state to cut the deal.” Those heads of state will be arriving by the dozens Wednesday and Thursday, and U.S. President Barack Obama is to join them on Friday, the final day of the conference.

The video above provides an overview of Day 7 from the Climate Action Network, a global group of about 500 non-governmental organizations promoting worldwide action to limit climate change.