Copenhagen: Day 10

Still No Agreements; Bring on the Heads of State

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With one day left in the Copenhagen climate talks, negotiators have little to show for their work: no agreements on emissions reduction numbers, base year, commitment period, financing. REDD, thought to be a sure thing, is still on the negotiating table.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered the first real sign of the U.S. reaching out to the developing world with a commitment to contribute to $100 billion in financing by 2020. That set the stage for heads of state on Friday.

It’s time for President Obama to electrify this meeting with a sense of the possible, said WRI Climate and Energy Program Director Jennifer Morgan.

The Climate Action Network, a global group of about 500 non-governmental organizations promoting worldwide action to limit climate change, talked to NGO leaders involved in the climate talks for the daily video overview of the conference’s progress.