April 21, 2020

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Demand For Oil Has Plummeted, But Industry Keeps Building New Infrastructure Anyway – HuffPost

Climate Change Undercuts Air Pollution Improvements – NPR

Tribes Sue to Halt Trump Plan for Channeling Emergency Funds to Alaska Native Corporations – InsideClimate News

Q&A: Denis Hayes, Planner of the First Earth Day, Discusses the ‘Virtual’ 50th – InsideClimate News

Ice-Free Arctic Summers Now Very Likely Even With Climate Action – The Guardian

EPA Enforcement Is Down While Industry Violations Across the Midwest Are Up, New Report Says – IndyStar

From Rust to Resilience: Great Lake Cities Cope With Climate Change Amid Economic Reinvention – Ensia

Will Florida Be Lost Forever to the Climate Crisis? – The Guaridan