August 22, 2018

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

How Energy Companies Are Turning the Law Against Protesters – InsideClimate News

States Blast Trump Clean Power Rollback, Threaten Lawsuits – Associated Press

Kentucky Officials Seek Fines for Coal Companies Run by W.Va. Governor’s Family – Associated Press

Betting on Utah for Tar Sands Oil? – The New York Times

Massachusetts Law Aims to Prepare State for Climate Change – Associated Press

Virginia Regulators Settle for Stricter Enforcement for 2 Natural Gas Pipelines – Washington Post

Australia Wilts From Climate Change. Why Can’t Its Politicians Act? – The New York Times

World’s Largest Shipping Company Heads into Arctic as Warming Opens the Way – NPR

Chinese Traders Ditch U.S. Coal for Domestic Supply as Tariffs Loom – Reuters

A Dwindling Catch Has Alaskans Uneasy – The New York Times