July 24, 2019

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

Ohio Governor Signs Nuclear and Coal Bailout at Expense of Renewable Energy – InsideClimate News

U.S. Soldiers Falling Ill, Dying in the Heat as Climate Warms – InsideClimate News

Following Berkeley’s Natural Gas Ban, More California Cities Look to All-Electric Future – InsideClimate News

In Hot Water: The Potomac River Set a Record High Temperature of 94 Degrees in Recent Heat Wave – Washington Post

Kinder Morgan Sues Austin Suburb Over Anti-Pipeline Ordinance – Houston Chronicle

UN Secretary-General Asks All Countries to Plan for Carbon Neutrality by 2050 – Climate Home

Animals Failing to Adapt to Speed of Climate Crisis, Study Finds – The Guardian

New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Climate Change Record – New Scientist

Deadly Fungal Disease May Be Linked to Climate Change, Study Suggests – Washington Post