January 29, 2018

Today's Climate

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Top News from Our Warming World

New Jersey, Virginia Take Steps Toward Joining East Coast Carbon Market – InsideClimate News

Most of the EPA’s Pollution Estimates Are Unreliable. So Why Is Everyone Still Using Them? – Center for Public Integrity

White House Plan Would Reduce Environmental Requirements for Infrastructure Projects – Washington Post

Fact Check: Data Don’t Support Trump’s Cooling, Ice Claims – Associated Press

Oil Boom Gives the U.S. a New Edge in Energy and Diplomacy – The New York Times

A 15-Year Look at How Energy Changed in the U.S., State by State – Ars Technica

2017 Was the Hottest Year Yet in the World’s Oceans – National Geographic

Climate Change Could Ravage Indian Farming – Quartz

Trump’s Top Environment Pick, a Fossil Fuels Evangelist, May Be in Trouble – InsideClimate News