Vulnerable Miami Hard at Work on Climate Change Planning

Hub of $15 billion tourism industry, air routes to Latin America and Fortune 500 companies, looking to protect itself

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by Heidi Cullen, Climate Central

Five years ago last Saturday, Hurricane Katrina tore into Louisiana and Mississippi, causing such catastrophic destruction along the coast and in places like New Orleans that some cities and towns are still struggling to rebuild.

What some may forget is that four days earlier, Katrina made its first landfall in South Florida.

People here, though, haven’t forgotten. In fact, some in Florida who lived through Katrina now are preparing for disasters they fear could be more damaging than hurricanes.

Climate expert, Dr. Heidi Cullen, of the non-profit media organization Climate Central, reports in the video below.


Adapting Miami from Climate Central on Vimeo.

(Republished with permission)