June 21, 2018

Connecticut Raises Greenhouse Gas, Renewable Energy Targets

Connecticut's governor has signed legislation increasing the state's greenhouse gas emissions reduction target to 45 percent by 2030, restricting some coastal development and mandating 40 percent of the state's electricity be from renewable sources by 2030. "The effects of climate change, which is unquestionably man-made, can be felt in Connecticut," he said.

Exxon Still Isn't Complying With Climate Subpoenas, New York Says

Exxon is refusing to turn over documents crucial to New York's investigation into whether the oil giant's public statements about climate change misled investors, the state's top lawyer said. That includes subpoenas for cash-flow projections reflecting how it used so-called proxy costs to calculate the financial impact on its assets from future climate regulations.

How the Carmakers Trumped Themselves

Automakers want changes to the nation's vehicle emissions rules—which they agreed to back when the government was bailing them out—but not, they say, the Trump rule changes. The Atlantic takes a walk through the history of vehicle emissions and emissions standards debates.

June 20, 2018

Zinke Linked to Real Estate Deal with Halliburton Chairman

A foundation established by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is playing a key role in a real estate deal backed by the chairman of Halliburton, the oil-services giant that stands to benefit from Interior Department decisions to open public lands for oil exploration or change drilling standards. The project is in Zinke's hometown adjacent to land he owns. The group Public Citizen filed an ethics complaint today.

Is Focus on Pipeline Cyber Security a Ruse to Prop Up Coal?

The Trump administration has highlighted cyber security risks in the natural gas pipeline system as a reason for the government to help coal and nuclear power plants, but natural gas producers say the concerns are overblown. "They are certainly using every argument they can come up with to try and justify it," said one pipeline executive.

June 19, 2018

How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country

Nashville, Little Rock, Phoenix — in cities across the country, the oil-billionaire Koch brothers are fueling a fight against public transit projects designed to get cars off the streets and improve access for everyone. "These are outside groups," said David Briley, mayor of Nashville, where a transit plan was targeted. "They don't represent Nashville's interests or values."

Tensions Rise in India as Water Supply Runs Dangerously Low

India is experiencing the worst water crisis in the country's history, with about half the population facing high to extreme water scarcity, according to a government report. Rising temperatures and dwindling rain and snowfall, along with leaky infrastructure and over pumping, are contributing to the crisis. Read more on the government report from Reuters.

June 18, 2018

Top Federal Ethics Officer Considers ‘Corrective Action’ for Pruitt

The head of the Office of Government Ethics says he is considering a highly unusual "corrective action proceeding" involving alleged improper behavior by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. A spokesman for the ethics office said he is unaware of any previous example of the agency starting such a proceeding against a Cabinet official.

Trump Picks Economic Winners, Guided by Nostalgia

President Trump is increasingly putting his finger on the scale to help once-iconic industries that are declining, and doing so at the expense of some of the country's fastest-growing sectors. His attempts to boost steel and coal have produced only modest job gains while injecting uncertainty into a host of other growing industries.

Coal Plants Keep Shutting Despite Trump’s Order to Rescue Them

Many power companies say President Trump's coal bailout hasn't altered their plans to retire old units. The trend has been underway for years. "I will tell you it is not a matter of if we are going to retire our coal fleet in this nation, it's just a matter of when," Xcel Energy CEO Ben Fowke said.

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