June 24, 2019

Agriculture Dept. Buries Studies Showing Dangers of Climate Change

The Trump administration has refused to publicize dozens of government-funded studies that warn about the effects of climate change. The studies include a discovery that rice loses vitamins in a carbon-rich environment, findings that climate change can exacerbate allergies and warnings for farmers about the reduction in quality of grasses that feed livestock.

General Electric to Scrap Gas Power Plant 20 Years Early

General Electric says it plans to demolish a large natural-gas-fired power plant it owns in California after only one-third of its useful life because the plant is no longer economically viable in a state where wind and solar supply a growing share of inexpensive electricity.

June 21, 2019

Seawalls to Protect U.S. Against Rising Oceans Could Cost $416 Billion by 2040

Building seawalls to protect against rising seas could cost communities in the United States $416 billion over the next 20 years, according to a new report from the Center for Climate Integrity. "I don't think anybody's thought about the magnitude of this one small portion of overall adaptation costs and it's a huge number," said Richard Wiles, executive director of the center.

Rhode Island Regulators Reject New Fossil Fuel Power Plant

Rhode Island regulators on Thursday rejected approval of a proposal to build a $1 billion fossil-fuel burning power plant that would be among New England's largest. Opponents of the project described it as "reckless" at a time of global warming and said the decision, which the board said was based on a lack of need for the plant, vindicates their arguments.

Fire Sets Off Series of Explosions at Philadelphia Refinery

Early this morning at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining Complex, a fire broke out in a vat of butane, turning the sky bright orange and yellow and awakening startled residents with explosions that shook homes. The 150-year-old refinery complex is the largest on the Eastern Seaboard, producing 335,000 barrels of crude oil daily.

Sydney to Declare a Climate Emergency in Face of National Inaction

Sydney, Australia, acutely vulnerable to global warming, moved to declare a climate emergency, joining hundreds of local governments around the world in calling for urgent steps to combat the crisis. Them mayor said it was important that the city raise its voice in a global demand for action, especially in the absence of climate leadership from the Australian government.

June 20, 2019

2 Big U.S. Coal Companies Combine Wyoming, Colorado Operations

Two of the world's largest coal producers have announced plans to combine mining operations in Wyoming and Colorado in an attempt to improve their competitiveness against natural gas and renewable energy sources. The companies say the deal, which requires approval from regulators, could save about $120 million annually over 10 years.

Pollinator-Friendly Solar Energy Becomes the Norm in Minnesota

Planting prairie grasses and flowers beneath and around solar panels is becoming more common in Minnesota, providing a habitat for bee and butterfly populations and boosting soil health. The practice may even boost solar energy output on warm days if the thicker vegetation creates a cooler microclimate. Researchers are testing that hypothesis.

June 19, 2019

Investors Say Facebook, PayPal and Many Other Companies are Hiding Climate Impact

Targeting corporations like Facebook, Netflix, PayPal and Tesla, a consortium of investors is urging companies to spell out their plans for dealing with climate change. The group of nearly 90 banks, pension funds and financial managers are calling out 700 corporations — including some fossil fuel companies that formerly disclosed their environmental impact but stopped doing so.

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