August 21, 2018

Activists Have a New Strategy to Block Gas Pipelines: States' Rights

Environmental activists are invoking states' rights as they try to block construction of oil and gas pipelines. In New York, construction of the Constitution Pipeline has stalled, and activists are making similar arguments in Oregon, arguing that states have the power to deny permits for pipelines.

August 20, 2018

Most Economic Forecasts Have a Big Blind Spot: Climate Change

A growing body of research by economists and climate scientists shows that extreme weather will increasingly harm economic growth. Yet almost no mainstream economic forecasting model takes this into account, which could affect the accuracy of economic predictions.

Some Arctic Ground No Longer Freezing — Even in Winter

New data from two Arctic sites show that some surface layers are no longer freezing. If this continues, greenhouse gases from permafrost could accelerate climate change. The findings from one of the sites, in northern Siberia, have not been peer reviewed but are in line with observations at other locations.

August 17, 2018

Trump Administration Unveils New Wildfire Strategy

The Trump's administration unveiled a new forest management strategy that emphasizes state leadership and the logging industry. It also acknowledges challenges created by "regional changes in temperature, precipitation patterns and other environmental conditions."

August 16, 2018

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