September 25, 2018

Big Oil Pledges to Cut Methane Emissions

Members of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, a group that Exxon and Chevron recently joined, pledged on Monday to cut methane emissions by a fifth by 2025 to an intensity of 0.25 percent of the group's total fossil fuel production. EDF says the group needs to adopt more transparent ways of measuring methane emissions to meet the target.

Trump Officials Roll Back Oil Train Safety Rule

The Trump administration has repealed a mandate that would have required trains carrying crude oil to use special brakes. With increased oil train traffic have come major crashes and explosions in recent years, including one that killed 47 people in Quebec and others in North Dakota and Oregon.

Climate Change Kills Antarctica's Ancient Moss Beds

Imagining the landscape of Antarctica, the first picture that comes to mind might be one of icy, white landscapes, but there are places on the continent with considerable vegetation. In East Antarctica, scientists have found that a drier climate is threatening moss beds.

September 24, 2018

Climate Study ‘Pulls Punches’ to Keep Polluters on Board, Reviewers Say

Warnings about the dangers of global warming are being watered down in the policymakers summary of a key UN climate report coming out next month, according to reviewers who have studied earlier versions of the report and summary. They say it's probably being done to make policy recommendations seem more palatable to certain countries.

September 21, 2018

Footing the Bill for Florence: Price Tag of Disasters Grows

Early estimates suggest it will cost up to $22 billion to repair the damage Florence has done across the Carolinas. Some residents will face difficult decisions about whether to rebuild their homes. As the risks of these disasters are rising, insurance companies are adapting, and consumer advocates fear low-income homeowners will bear the brunt of the costs.

September 20, 2018

September 19, 2018

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