February 20, 2018

Interior Dept. Plan to Use Drilling Funds for New Projects Met with Skepticism

The Interior Department's plan to complete infrastructure projects in national parks using money raised by drilling on public lands has raised concern among members of Congress. Critics say the plan is misleading since oil revenues increased last year because of a rise in prices, not policy changes, and the drilling money may be spoken for by other agencies.

Singapore Announces Details of Carbon Tax Plan

Singapore has announced details of its carbon tax plan, with a rate starting at S$5 (US$ 3.79) a ton for the first five years, starting in 2019. The tax is expected to affect about 40 companies in the power generation, petrochemical and semiconductor industries, which make up 80 percent of Singapore's emissions.

February 16, 2018

February 15, 2018

Trump Urges GOP to Consider 25-Cent Gas Tax Hike

In a closed-door meeting with Congress members, President Trump pitched the idea of a 25-cent gas tax to help pay for infrastructure projects. Some congressional Republicans said it was a non-starter, but others support the idea. The tax hasn't been raised since 1993.

How $225,000 Can Help Secure a Pollution Loophole at Trump’s EPA

There is a loophole in federal law that the Obama administration tried to close—and the Trump administration is championing—that allows trucks to have rebuilt diesel engines that do not have to comply with rules on modern emissions controls. Although automakers, businesses and environmentalists are calling to close it, the powerful Fitzgerald truck company has Trump's ear.

February 14, 2018

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