May 14, 2021

Biden’s Pipeline Dilemma: How to Build a Clean Energy Future While Shoring Up the Present’s Carbon-Intensive Infrastructure

Even as President Biden worked this week to shore up support for his $2 trillion energy infrastructure plan, his administration found itself bombarded with the harsh realities of the nation’s oil-dependent present. From the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack to Michigan’s legal battle to shut down Line 5, it’s clear Biden can no longer avoid the divisive issue of what to do about America’s pipelines.

Inside Climate News

From Denial to Ambiguity: A New Study Charts the Trajectory of ExxonMobil’s Climate Messaging

Drawing on tactics used by the tobacco industry, ExxonMobil carefully cultivated its arguments over the course of decades “to downplay its role in the climate crisis and to continue to undermine climate litigation, regulation, and activism,” new research found. The company’s tactics included using more nuanced language to muddy public debate over climate change, the report says.

Inside Climate News

May 13, 2021

Canadian Company Continues Operating Oil Pipeline Through Michigan Despite Governor’s Order to Halt

Enbridge, a Canadian energy company, is continuing to operate an oil and gas pipeline through Michigan despite Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order to shut it down, The Hill reports. Whitmer on Tuesday ordered the shut down of Line 5 by May 12, saying that an underwater section of the pipeline is too risky to keep operating. Enbridge contests that it operates the federally regulated line legally.

The Hill

May 12, 2021