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Solar Energy

There are two basic flavors to choose from – photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal. The second might guzzle large amounts of water and disturb desert ecosystems, but mega-projects are nevertheless breaking ground. People sending PV energy back into the grid are finding resistance from utilities. Here comes the sun.

Fees and other barriers to rooftop solar panels have become hurdles to consumers in some states hoping to generate their own electricity.
As more Americans go solar—and save money on their monthly utility bills—electricity providers are...
08/14/2015 | Read More
With households and large companies turning to solar, SolarCity moves to make its power accessible for the smaller commercial market.
In a move to accelerate the spread of solar power in the United States, the nation's largest...
07/28/2015 | Read More
Financing the shift to renewable energy will require bonds, which are growing in popularity, but not fast enough.
A critical piece of the funding needed to transition to a low-carbon world—bond financing for...
07/13/2015 | Read More
Obama administration strategy would funnel $520 million into community or shared solar farms, where renters can buy shares or memberships into projects.
When President Obama announced a new initiative this week to expand access to solar energy for...
07/10/2015 | Read More
A Q&A with Jeremy Leggett about his new book chronicling the 'Carbon War:' 'It feels like a civil war...minus the bullets.'
As 200 countries prepare for a Paris gathering in December in hopes of finalizing a climate treaty...
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In a rare state that does not allow third-party electricity generation, a Greensboro church bucks Duke Energy and state law to embrace clean energy.
A jovial ribbon-cutting ceremony at a small red brick church in Greensboro, the third-largest city...
06/30/2015 | Read More
Faulty projections by EIA on renewable energy growth are being used in critical policies like the Clean Power Plan, a trade group says.
The Energy Information Administration—the federal agency responsible for forecasting energy trends—...
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Infographic shows how Tesla's new gigafactory will provide a statewide clean economy and jobs boom.
The new Tesla Motors factory being built outside Sparks, Nev., was already on tap to produce 500,...
05/12/2015 | Read More
The amount of energy Walmart gets from renewables has decreased from 4 percent to 3 percent, a new study finds.
For the past decade, Walmart has touted itself as a leader in sustainability, boasting about its...
11/20/2014 | Read More
'How long will the world and the U.S. continue to tolerate being able to pollute for free?'
SolarCity Corp., the nation's largest residential solar service provider, has a history of pushing...
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