Started in 2007 as a blog by its two founders, our start-up was incubated by Public Interest Projects, which served as our fiscal sponsor until 2014. InsideClimate News is now a non-profit incorporated in the state of New York and a 501 C3 tax exempt organization operating with IRS approval as a public charity. It is governed by a Board of Directors and guided by best practices of non-profit management.

We are supported primarily by grants for general support from charitable foundations and also tax deductible donations from our readers. An independent audit of our 2015 fiscal year determined that 91% of our budget was used for program-related expenses -- to pay staff and contributors to report, write, illustrate and edit articles, for travel, as well as for web development. The rest was divided almost evenly between fundraising and management expenses. 

Donors who support our award-winning environmental journalism do not have access to our editorial process or decision-making. Please be mindful of false reports that suggest otherwise, or that seek to discredit our news organization with misinformation and mischaracterization. Our hard-hitting watchdog reporting provokes retaliation and unfounded smears of many varieties. We do not respond to most of them. Our work speaks for itself.

Our donors include:

Please note that in January 2014 InsideClimate News detached from our fiscal sponsor - Public Interest Projects - and now we can accept grants and tax deductible charitable contributions directly. If you are a potential donor and are interested in supporting our work, please contact the publisher.

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