Today’s Climate: March 2, 2009

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Civil Disobedience Today to Combat Climate Change (Baltimore Sun)

If there were a way to harness the gases its members produce with oratory, Congress would no longer need to burn dirty old coal to generate heat and air-conditioning for Capitol Hill. Alas, we have the Capitol Power Plant. More than 2,000 people are risking arrest there today to protest.

A Chilly D.C. Greeting for Tar Sands (NRDC)

Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice is due in Washington today for a series of meetings as follow-up to the US-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue. The tar sands is likely on his list, and it won’t get a warm greeting in a town focused on clean energy.

EU Debates Climate Funding for Poor Nations (Reuters)

Cracks are emerging among the EU nations on how to deal with the burden of raising the billions of dollars needed to help poor countries deal with global warming.

UN Report Warns Fishing Industry on Climate Change (AFP)

The UN’s State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report being released today says climate change is already modifying the distribution of fish species. The report calls for responsible fishing practices and strategies to cope with climate changes.

Irish Salt Caverns Could Store Wind Power (Belfast Telegraph)

A plan to store nighttime wind power using salt caverns under the Irish coast has won the blessing of even Environment Minister Sammy Wilson, a vocal critic of wind power and climate science.

‘24’ Goes Carbon-Neutral (sort of) (New York Times)

The TV series is announcing today that it is going green, from switching to renewable energy to accounting for its car crashes by buying carbon offsets.

Study: African Forests Out Of Balance on Carbon (Science Daily)

A report in Nature shows that trees in intact African tropical forests hold more carbon now than they did 40 years ago. On average, each hectare has increased in tree carbon stocks by an amount equal to the weight of a small car each year.

Court Battle Hinges on Big Coal Money Electing Judges (Washington Post)

A lawsuit over coal money is raising profound questions about the duty of judges to recuse themselves when the people who bankrolled their campaigns appear in court.

Mitsubishi to Supply Electric Cars to Peugeot by 2010 (Bloomberg)

PSA Peugeot Citroen, Europe’s second-largest automaker, says Mitsubishi will supply it with electric cars to sell under the Peugeot brand by 2010. Mitsubishi plans to introduce its own electric cars in July.

2010 Prius Raises the Hybrid Car Bar (Detroit News)

Toyota is announcing today that its 2010 Prius will be the highest mileage retail vehicle in the U.S., getting 50 mpg. It faces two challenges: the economy and the smaller, cheaper Honda Insight.

Ski Resorts Toe Green’s Bottom Line (AP)

A wind turbine at Southern New England’s largest ski resort has already cut power costs by one-third and could earn the resort more than $200,000 a year, primarily by selling power to a utility.