Today’s Climate: May 1-2, 2010

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Obama to Visit Gulf Coast, Oil Slick Approaches (Reuters)

Pres. Obama will visit the U.S. Gulf Coast on Sunday as his administration aims to deflect criticism that it could have responded more quickly to a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Climate Bill Could Be Harmed by Gulf Spill (AP)

An historic climate and energy bill in the U.S. Senate is in danger after the Louisiana oil spill put a new focus on the perils of offshore drilling, a feature that was supposed to win wider support for the legislation.

Pressure Grows for Action by BP (Washington Post)

Federal and state officials pushed oil giant BP to intensify its efforts to cap the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and to contain the slick that is threatening the shores and livelihoods of people in five states.

Experts Fear the Spill Could Spread to East Coast (AP)

Scientists fear if the oil spill isn’t contained and the underwater well continues to spew unstopped, it could grow so large that it may be sucked with the currents around the Florida Keys and up the East Coast.

Second Louisiana Rig Accident Minor: Report (Reuters)

An inland shallow-water drilling rig capsized near Morgan City, Louisiana, while being towed to a salvage yard, the Coast Guard said on Friday.

Germany, Mexico Trying to Push Climate Talks Ahead (AP)

Germany and Mexico will co-host a three-day meeting in Bonn starting Sunday of representatives from a selected 45 countries with hopes of building trust and clearing some of the rubble left from Copenhagen, German Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen said.

UK Arrests 22 as CO2 Tax Probe Widens in Europe (Bloomberg)

UK officials arrested 22 people as part of the biggest crackdown on emissions-related tax fraud since Europe started its cap-and-trade system in 2005.

War Against a Wind-Rich Super Grid (New York Times)

After several years of debate, the Coalition for Fair Transmission Policy, which includes several utilities, has emerged to oppose a strong national electric grid that would promote renewable energy.

Carbon Tariffs on Imports Risk Trade War: EU Study (Reuters)

The EU is considering border tariffs on imports from more polluting countries, but such levies could spark trade wars, a European Commission draft report show.

EU-China Climate Change Mechanism Set Up (China Daily)

A ministerial-level dialogue mechanism on climate change has been set up between China and the EU, a move analysts believe will help the UN climate summit to be held in Mexico in December bear fruit.

Queen’s University Ordered to Release Tree Data (Belfast Telegraph)

Queen’s University, which has refused to release all of its findings on tree rings, has until Monday night to hand over unique data that skeptics say could undermine global warming theories.

Attorney General Demands Papers on Climate Data from UVa (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has demanded that the University of Virginia turn over documents related to a former UVa climatology professor at the center of the so-called "climategate" scandal.

Swan Says Australians Must Get ‘Fair Share’ of Mining Profits (Bloomberg)

Australia’s Treasurer Wayne Swan, speaking ahead of the release of a major review of the nation’s tax system today, said profits from the mining industry should be "fairly" shared.

Obama Already Has $72B on Tap to Green Buildings, Study Says (GreenBiz)

The Obama administration has more than 30 existing programs worth $72 billion at its fingertips that can be used to increase efficiency in buildings and multifamily housing, according to a legal analysis commissioned by the U.S. Green Building Council.