Today’s Climate: May 2-3, 2009

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LS Suspends Development of Mich. Coal Plant (Reuters)

Power plant developer LS Power has suspended its proposed 750-MW pulverized coal plant in Michigan, due to economic and regulatory uncertainties. It’s the ninth such plant to be dropped in the U.S. this year.

Clean Energy Bill Backed by Fla. Gov. Crist Dies (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

For the second year in a row, the Florida House has killed efforts by Gov. Charlie Crist and the state Senate to pass a plan that would require utilities to generate 20% of their electricity through clean sources by 2020.

Congress to Stop Using Coal in DC Power Plant (AP)

U.S. House and Senate leadership announced that they will stop the use of coal at the 99-year-old Capitol Power Plant, which provides steam for heat and hot water in congressional buildings. The facility will turn almost entirely to natural gas.

House Climate Bill Markup Plans Uncertain as Dems Lack Votes (Greenwire)

Prospects of a prompt House subcommittee mark-up on the Waxman-Markey energy bill appeared dim as the panel’s Democratic leaders headed into the weekend without a clear signal that they have enough votes to move the legislation.

Polls Show Opposition Message on Climate and Energy Legislation is Failing (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Surveys by ABC News/Washington Post and NBC News/Wall Street Journal found that a majority of Americans support climate and energy legislation — even if it would increase energy costs. The good news is that strong legislation likely would reduce energy bills.

China Studying Carbon Tax Ideas (Reuters)

Chinese researchers will issue preliminary proposals "within a month" for a carbon tax that may one day become part of the government’s efforts to curtail CO2 emissions.

Alaska Gov. Palin Rejects Funds for State Energy Program (International Business Times)

Gov. Palin has rejected $28.6 million from the federal stimulus package that was destined for the state energy program out of concern that it would force Alaska to enact more stringent building codes.

BLM to Get $300 Million for Stimulus Projects (AP)

The Interior Department is sending $305 million in federal stimulus to the Bureau of Land Management to update its facilities and expedite the processing and permitting of renewable energy development on public lands.

U.S. Bill to Create Clean Energy Investment Agency (Reuters)

U.S. lawmakers introduced bi-partisan legislation last week that would establish a new independent agency to spearhead government clean energy investments.

Russia to Build Floating Arctic Nuclear Stations (The Observer)

Russia is planning a fleet of 70-MW, floating and submersible nuclear power plants to exploit Arctic oil and gas reserves, causing alarm among opponents.

Chinese Company to Finance $300 Million in U.S. Wind Farms (Reuters)

Texas-based Tang Energy Group said on Friday that a Chinese company has agreed to provide $300 million in financing for its U.S. wind power projects. The turbines financed by the agreement will be partially made in China.

Evergreen Solar Shifts Manufacturing Future to China (PV Tech)

Massachusetts-based solar cell manufacturer Evergreen Solar is planning its future expansions in China, with the aim of reaching a cost of $1 per watt by the end of 2012.

Critics Say UK Carbon Scheme Snubs Renewable Energy (Reuters)

A proposed UK scheme designed to force some 5,000 businesses to cut carbon emissions by reducing their energy consumption gives companies no reason to buy renewable energy, critics say.

Texas Wind Farm’s Radar System Stops Birds Getting the Chop (Guardian)

A wind farm in Texas, situated on a flight path used by millions of birds each autumn and spring, is pioneering the use of radar technology, originally developed for NASA, to spare the lives of the migrating birds.