Today’s Climate: August 3, 2009

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Australia’s Wong Rejects Carbon Trade Changes (Reuters)

Australian laws for carbon trading appear to be headed for defeat in parliament’s upper house Senate next week. Climate Change Minister Penny Wong today rejected nine proposed opposition amendments.

Aviation Industry Expects Certified Biofuel within 2 Years (Business Green)

The aviation industry is on target to certify the first jet biofuels for commercial use by 2011, according to a senior executive at one of the world’s largest jet engine manufacturers.

Duke Energy Elbows Co-ops for Carbon Permits in Climate Bill (Bloomberg)

Some of the largest U.S. electricity companies are fighting what may be a $100 billion battle with smaller cooperatives, community providers and state regulators over the right to pollution credits under the climate bill in Congess.

India, China to Cooperate on Monitoring Himalayan Glaciers (Financial Times)

India and China agreed to cooperate in monitoring the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas, a border region crucial to both countries’ water supplies and one over which they have gone to war.

Less May Be More for Wind Turbines (MIT Tech Review)

Some companies are developing two-bladed wind turbines that could be substantially lighter than today’s turbines and could produce energy at much lower cost.

Weak Economy Makes Solar More Affordable (Los Angeles Times)

Price cuts by manufacturers, tax credits, state incentives and innovative financing are ease the cost of going solar for homeowners.

India to Enforce Energy Efficiency in Climate Fight (Reuters)

India will make energy efficiency ratings a must for electric appliances, including air-conditioners and refrigerators, stepping up domestic efforts to fight climate change, officials said.

UK Considers Removing VAT on Carbon Credits to Avoid Fraud (eGov)

The UK government today introduced legislation to remove the VAT, or value added tax, from emissions allowances following evidence that commodity trading in emissions allowances was being used by fraudsters.

China’s Installed Wind Power Capacity Doubles In First Half of ’09 (Xinhua)

China’s installed wind power capacity that transmits power into the national electricity grid rose 11.8 million kilowatts in the first half of this year, doubling the figure of a year earlier, an industry expert told Xinhua.

Borrego Launches Solar Financing Plan (Earth2Tech)

It looks like financing for solar projects may be starting to pick up again. Solar installer Borrego Solar Systems is set to announce today that it will offer power-purchase agreements for its commercial, educational and governmental customers.

Chevron Backs Off Natural Gas Drilling in US (BNET)

The latest slew of quarterly earnings reports shows just what happens to the world’s largest oil and gas producers when a global recession pushes down demand and causes crude prices to plummet.

Pakistan Jumps on the Jatropha Biofuel Train (CleanTech)

Zarai Taraqiati Bank is coordinating a deal between South Korea and Pakistan to use the latter’s arid deserts to grow the drought resistant plant.

Report Says California Must Adapt to Climate Change (AP)

A new report from the California Natural Resources Agency says the state must prepare to adapt to climate change’s hotter weather and rising seal levels, even if the world does cut carbon emissions.