Today’s Climate: April 4, 2010

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Panel Advises Against Cape Cod Wind Project (Reuters)

A federal advisory panel urged the U.S. Interior Department on Friday to block a $1 billion wind project off Cape Cod opposed by local business leaders and politicians.

Arch Coal Sues EPA Over Proposed Veto of Mountaintop Mining Permit (AP)

A subsidiary of mining giant Arch Coal Inc. sued the EPA on Friday over the planned veto of a water quality permit for West Virginia’s largest surface mine.

Rep. Pallone, N.J. Environmentalists Campaign Against Offshore Drilling (Star-Ledger)

U.S. Rep Frank Pallone and New Jersey environmentalists are promising a grass-roots campaign to fight what they say is Pres. Obama’s "ill-advised" policy to allow oil drilling off the Atlantic coast.

Poll Shows Broad Support for Offshore Drilling (The Hill)

Gas prices are well off the record highs they reached in the summer of 2008, but Americans apparently haven’t lost any fervor for drilling, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

PGE Files to Close Boardman Coal Plant Early, Rekindles Concerns (The Oregonian)

Portland General Electric filed to close Oregon’s only coal plant early, by 2020, in exchange for installing $470 million less in pollution controls than proposed by state regulators.

Oil and Gas Ads Target ‘Energy Industry Taxes’ (Greenwire)

The oil and gas industry is funding an ad campaign aimed at stopping new energy taxes, an effort that comes as it faces a loss of tax benefits and possible new penalties under climate legislation.

Clean Energy Movement Stalled in Florida Legislature (Miami Herald)

With four weeks left of the Florida legislative session, the prospects have vanished for a renewable-energy standard that would force the state to clean up the way it produces power.

Arizona Solar Rebate Program Too Popular for Utility to Maintain (AP)

Arizona’s largest utility has cut the amount of money it pays to customers who put solar panels on their roofs, saying the reductions are necessary because the program is so popular it was going to run out of money by June.

New York Denies Indian Point Nuclear Plant a Water Permit (New York Times)

New York State has ruled that outmoded cooling technology at the Indian Point nuclear power plant kills so many Hudson River fish and consumes and contaminates so much water that it violates the federal Clean Water Act.

Energy Efficiency Report: Families Could Save $1,300 a Year (Sustainable Business)

American families could save almost $1,300 every year on their energy bills by 2030 if the government invests in the energy efficiency of buildings, according to a new report by Environment America

Officials Fear Coal Ship Breaking Apart on Barrier Reef (AP)

A coal-carrying ship that ran aground and was leaking oil on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was in danger of breaking apart, officials said Sunday.

Desert Plants Feel the Heat of Global Warming (LiveScience)

Climate changes have pushed the arrival of desert winter rains later in the year, forcing winter-annual plants to emerge later when temperatures are colder.

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