Today’s Climate: December 5-6, 2009

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EPA Poised to Declare CO2 a Public Danger (Wall Street Journal)

The EPA will early this week, possibly as soon as Monday, officially declare CO2 a public danger, a move that could give the U.S. negotiating leverage in Copenhagen.

Renewables to Supply One-Third China’s Energy by 2050 (Reuters)

China’s energy strategy through 2050 envisions renewables making up one-third of its energy consumption by then, the China Daily said.

UN Climate Chief Resigned to Danish Climate Summit Shortcomings (Bloomberg)

On the eve of the climate summit in Copenhagen, Yvo de Boer, head of the UNFCCC, is resigned to the talks producing no treaty this year.

Climate Change Protesters Take to London Streets (AP)

Some 40,000 people calling for a deal on climate change in Copenhagen marched through London on Saturday, encircling the Houses of Parliament in a human wave of demonstrators.

Climate Deal Certain, But Won’t Be Enough: IPCC Scientist (AFP)

The flood of world leaders heading to the UN climate summit make an accord certain — but the new deal will not be enough to truly fight global warming, the vice-chair of the IPCC said Saturday.

Who Is Going to Copenhagen? (Reuters)

The number of world leaders due to attend the Copenhagen talks has risen to 105, Danish PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen said. They represent 89% of the world’s GDP and 80% of global emissions.

UN Climate Chief: Hacked E-mails are Damaging (AP)

The top UN climate official said hacked e-mails from climate scientists that appear to cast doubt on their research do look bad, but studies of global warming by 2,500 scientists is thorough and credible.

Hackers Attempt to Access Canadian Government Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis (DeSmog Blog)

On the heels of the ClimateGate scandal, it has now been revealed that individuals posing as network technicians attempted to infiltrate another climate data center operated by the Canadian government.

Met Office to Publish 150 Years of Climate Data (AFP)

The UK Met Office said on Saturday it would publish data from weather stations worldwide and had "every confidence" it would show temperatures had risen in the last 150 years.

Utah Supreme Court Rules Against Coal Plant (AP)

The Utah Supreme Court has ruled that a Nevada company fighting to build a coal plant has to obtain a pollution permit all over again. The power producer may decide it’s not worth the expense.

West Texas ‘Clean Coal’ Plant Gets $350 Million Federal Grant (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

A proposed $1.7 billion "clean coal" plant to be built by Summit Power in West Texas has been awarded a $350 million federal grant, the DOE announced Friday.

Solar PV Pipeline at U.S. Utilities Reaches 4.8 GW (PV Tech)

The utility-scale PV project pipeline in the U.S. has already reached 4.8 GW, with utilities expected to add a further 21.5 GW to their portfolios between 2009 and 2020, new research finds. That’s compared to the 77 MW of projects currently operating.

Carbon Permits Go Unsold in U.S. Northeast Auction (Bloomberg)

CO2 permits in the U.S. Northeast’s cap-and-trade market drew a record low price at auction and some were unsold for the first time on predictions that power plants won’t need all the pollution rights issued by the program.

Dubai Debt Woes May Cut CO2 but Much More Needed (AFP)

Dubai’s debt crisis may make a small dent in its CO2 emissions but the Gulf emirate faces an enormous task to cut carbon to the levels to be proposed at the UN climate summit starting this week.

Migration Is the Only Escape from Rising Tides of Climate Change in Bangladesh (Guardian)

A stretch of the Bangladesh coast is being submerged so fast there is little or no chance its villages will be habitable in five years.

Yellowstone A Petri Dish for Climate Change (Los Angeles Times)

Yellowstone’s virtually intact ecosystem has made the national park a natural laboratory for scientists to study the biological effects of global warming.

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