Today’s Climate: February 7-8, 2009

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US to Lead on Climate Change: Biden (AFP)

Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday that the U.S. “will act aggressively against climate change and in pursuit of energy security with like-minded nations.”

Energy Spending That Was Cut From The Stimulus Bill (Earth2Tech)

U.S. lawmakers have apparently reached an agreement on a trimmed-down $780 billion stimulus, which will still provide tens of billions for clean power but cuts out some big programs, including completely eliminating $1 billion for energy loan guarantees and chopping funds for energy efficiency.

Lawsuit Forces US Financing Agencies to Account for Climate (Environment News Service)

Green groups won a settlement Friday in a six-year, precedent-setting lawsuit that sought to force two U.S. government agencies to address the global warming effects of their overseas financing of energy projects.

Nissan Vies With US Automakers for Federal Efficiency Loans (Bloomberg)

Nissan, alone among Japan’s carmakers, is seeking a federal loan under a U.S. program for fuel-efficient autos, vying for funds with GM, Ford and battery-car start-up Tesla Motors.

Utility’s Hopes for Coal-Fired Plant May be Fading (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

NV Energy has been trying to build a $5 billion, 1,500-MW coal plant near Las Vegas for three years. The utility now says it is losing hope for the project.

Study Pinpoints West’s Windy, Sunny Resource Areas (AP)

In a new draft study, the Western Governors’ Association has found that renewable energy projects could generate more than 235,000 MW of energy in the 12 western states, Mexico’s Baja California and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

Wis. Governor Wants Biomass Boiler Installed in Plant (AP)

Gov. Jim Doyle has announced he wants to install a new biomass boiler to replace coal burning at a downtown plant that powers the University of Wisconsin campus.

GOP Fights Granholm’s Delay of Coal-Fired Plants (Detroit Free Press)

Michigan State House Republicans have challenged Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s order to postpone state permits for five proposed coal plants, urging the state attorney general to rule on whether the governor has the legal authority to impose such a delay.

Obama Administration reverses Bush Effort in Supreme Court Pollution Case (AP)

The Obama administration signaled Friday that it will seek more stringent controls on mercury pollution from the nation’s power plants, abandoning a Bush administration approach that the industry supported.