Today’s Climate: February 8, 2010

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Support Down for Australia’s Rudd, CO2 Scheme: Poll (Reuters)

Support for Australia’s PM Kevin Rudd and an carbon emissions trading plan backed by his government is slipping ahead of elections this year, but Rudd’s Labor remains clearly ahead, a poll showed on Monday.

Malcolm Turnbull Says He Will Cross Floor in ETS Vote (The Australian) 

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s former Liberal leader, declared today he will cross the floor and vote with Labor in support of an emissions trading scheme.

UK Lawmakers Call for Stricter CO2 Caps, Market Intervention (Bloomberg)

Europe needs stricter limits on greenhouse gases and the power to intervene in markets as its cap-and-trade program fails to encourage low-carbon investments, UK lawmakers said today in a report.

BP Faces Investor Revolt Over Canadian Oil Sands Project (Telegraph) 

BP has become the second energy major to face a potential shareholder revolt over its investment in Canada’s oil sands, after a group of clients has urged the company not to commit $10 billion to its Sunrise oil sands development.

In Virginia, Offshore Drilling a Bipartisan Goal (Los Angeles Times)

Virginia’s new Republican governor, Robert McDonnell, is ‘eager’ to open up the state’s coast to offshore drilling, and the state’s Democratic senators are urging the Obama administration to begin selling leases next year.

Before Blast, Few Safety Problems as Energy Project Rose at Abandoned Mine Site (New York Times)

A review of public records has shown no safety problems at the Kleen Energy Systems site before the explosion on Sunday that killed at least five people. But the natural gas project had faced hurdles through the years, including concerns about harm to the Connecticut River.

Pachauri Raises More Eyebrows with Raunchy Environmental Novel (Times Online) 

Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC, is raising eyebrows again after publishing a raunchy novel and accepting help in promoting it from BP and the head of India’s biggest gas producer.

Drought in SW Australia Linked to Snowfall in Antarctica (AFP)

A drought that has gripped the southwestern corner of Australia since the 1970s is linked with higher snowfall in East Antarctica, a phenomenon that may be rooted in global warming, scientists reported on Sunday.

"Smart" Power Key as EU Sparks Electric Car Debate (Reuters)

Electric cars must be backed by "smart" power networks if they are to help the world’s climate problems, environmentalists warned on Monday as European ministers prepared to debate a strategy for the sector.

Mass. Unveiling Plans to Expand Electric Car Use (Boston Globe) 

On Tuesday, officials from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources plan to sign a memorandum of understanding with Nissan North America to explore ways to expand electric car use in the state.

U.S. Solar Market to Double in the Next Year (MIT Technology Review)

In a few years, the U.S. is likely to be the world’s largest market for solar power, eclipsing Germany, which has taken the lead as a result of strong government incentives.

Arava Power Gets Deals for 15 Mid-Size Solar Fields (Reuters)

Israeli solar energy developer Arava Power said on Sunday it signed long-term contracts with 15 agricultural cooperatives to build mid-size solar fields at an investment of $533 million.

In Utah, Company Aims to Store Energy in Air (AP)

A Utah company plans to dig a series of giant caverns that it hopes to one day fill with compressed air, releasing it to generate electricity by turning a turbine.