Today’s Climate: March 8, 2010

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EU Warns Climate Loopholes Could Lead to CO2 Rise (Reuters)

Loopholes in the UN climate treaties could actually amount to an increase in global-warming emissions over the next decade, and must be closed, a draft EU report shows.

Head of Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe Sends Salazar Letter of Support for Cape Wind (Cape Cod Today)

Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe Chairman George Spring Buffalo sent a letter of support for the Cape Wind project to Interior Secretary Salazar. The move is in direct opposition to the stand taken by the Wampanoag Tribe of Mashpee.

Energy Groups to Launch Plan for European ‘Super-Grid’ (Financial Times)

An ambitious plan for a $36 billion electricity "super-grid" in the North Sea connecting the UK, Germany and Norway will be launched in London on Monday by a group of 10 leading European companies.

Smart Grid Spending Powers Ahead in Asia (Reuters)

Japan, South Korea and China are investing about $9 billion this year in "smart grid" systems, with China alone seen investing $7.3 billion, a commitment that is expected to outpace the United States.

Australia: States at Sea Over Coastal Levels (The Australian)

Australia’s six state governments have four different figures for predicted sea-level rise caused by climate change, leaving developers and councils confused and sparking calls for a federal takeover of coastal climate planning.

Calgary Pols Question Power Utility’s Sponsorship of Palin Chat (Canadian Press)

Two municipal politicians are raising questions about why a city-owned power utility chipped in taxpayer dollars to bring Sarah Palin to a sold-out event in Calgary.

German GHG Emissions Fall by 8% (Argus)

Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 8 percent last year on the back of the economic crisis, the steepest year-on-year emissions decline since the existence of the federal republic of Germany, the environment ministry said.

EDF Nuclear Reactor Carries ‘Chernobyl-Size’ Explosion Risk (Guardian)

French anti-nuclear campaigners say a new third-generation power plant being built by utility EDF in Normandy carries an accident risk of "Chernobyl proportions."

Sarkozy Seeks Funding, Training for Nuclear Energy (Reuters)

International development banks must finance civilian nuclear projects to help emerging nations build energy plants, French Pres. Sarkozy said on Monday, laying out ambitious plans to develop the industry.

BYD Plans to Start European Car Sales Next Year (Bloomberg)

BYD Co., the automaker backed by Warren Buffett, plans to start selling electric and hybrid cars in western Europe next year as the first Chinese company to market such vehicles in the region.

British Rivers Could Power 850,000 Homes (Telegraph)

The Environment Agency will reveal that controversial hydropower turbines have the potential to generate enough electricity to power 850,000 homes – around 3% of the UK’s residential electricity demand.

UK: Home Power Generation Dream Suffers a Blow (Times)

Red tape is strangling a scheme designed to encourage millions of families to generate their own electricity with home-mounted solar panels, wind turbines and heat pumps, according to the UK’s biggest manufacturer of central heating equipment.