Today’s Climate: March 9, 2009

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Low Prices, Downturn Could Alter Aussie CO2 Scheme (Reuters)

Low international carbon prices and a global recession might be forcing Australia to change its planned 2010 emissions trading scheme. A draft is due out tomorrow.

Hopes of Climate Change Accord ‘Sinking’ (Times of London)

Two of Britain’s leading climate say hopes of getting a meaningful deal on halting global warming this year are already lost. They made their comments ahead of this week’s conference of climate scientists.

Greenhouse Gases Threaten Ocean Food Chain (Sydney Morning Herald)

Rising concentrations of acid in the Southern Ocean caused by greenhouse gases are damaging the ability of some sea creatures to form shells, posing a serious threat to marine life, a study being published today finds.

MMA Lands Solar Mega-Deal in Texas (Business Green)

MMA Renewable Ventures inked a deal with Austin to build the largest PV solar plant in U.S. Austin Energy has committed to buy enough to power 5,000 homes under a 25-year power agreement.

British PM on Climate Change Talks with Obama (10 Downing Street)

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown tells low-carbon industry leaders about his meeting with U.S. President Obama, saying, “It is clear that there is a tremendous focus on this in the new U.S. administration.”

Czech Leader Joins Climate Change Deniers Confab (Guardian)

A climate change deniers confab underway in New York this week sets out to escalate its confrontation with the scientific establishment.

Veteran Meteorologist Bravely Calls It Like He Sees It (Huffington Post)

Laurie David writes: How ironic that one of the last of the dying breed of global warming deniers in America is welcomed into our family home every night. They’re your local TV weathermen.

Oklahoma Oil Drillers Blame Canada (Reuters)

Most oil drillers are fretting with crude prices down 70 percent since July. A group of Oklahoma oilmen pins much of the blame for their plunging profits on an unlikely culprit: Canada.

British Wind Farms Seek Aid to Keep Turning (Guardian)

Britain’s wind industry is calling for government support to shield it from the falling pound and ensure existing wind farm projects go ahead. Forecasts show the industry heading for a 20% decline this year.

Ex-BP Chief Browne Shifts on Carbon Trade (Guardian)

Lord John Browne, the former chief executive of BP, has dropped his support for carbon trading to tackle climate change.

Airlines Can Cut GHG IF Ingredients are Available (Wall Street Journal)

The aviation industry is scrambling to find ways of reducing its carbon emissions, including testing biofuels in commercial airliners. Tests so far show biofuels work, but other issues stand in the way of large-scale production.

Siemens Attempting to Scrub CO2 Cheaply (MIT Tech Review)

A new process being tested in Germany this summer for scrubbing carbon dioxide from power-plant exhaust gases could make carbon capture a more affordable option for the energy industry.

Gales Deliver Spanish Wind Energy Record (Business Green)

Gales across Spain helped to deliver a new record for the country’s wind energy industry last week when turbines at one point covered over 40 per cent of the country’s energy needs.

Questions over Ratings as Coke Publishes Carbon Footprint (Guardian)

Coca-Cola today becomes the biggest global brand to publish the greenhouse gases produced by making, packaging, transporting, chilling, and disposing of their most popular products.