Today’s Climate: July 9, 2009

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Boxer, Reid Push Back Plans For Climate Bill Markups (Reuters)

Senate Environment and Public Works Chairwoman Barbara Boxer said today that she is delaying her committee’s markup of a climate bill until after the August recess. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid earlier pushed back the deadline for committee action to Sept. 28 to provide more time to negotiate with swing voters.

G8 Agree to 2C Limit for Warming; Stronger Plan Fizzles (Washington Post)

The world’s leading industrial nations tentatively agreed to try to prevent global temperatures from rising above a fixed level, after a more far-reaching proposal to slash production of greenhouse gases fizzled.

IEA Hails G8 Climate Move but Says More Investment Needed (Reuters)

Four times more cash needs to be invested in efficiency and clean energy than pledged so far, the International Energy Agency said today, but it welcomed the Group of Eight’s calls for action.

Senate Ag Panel Wants Even More out of Climate Bill (New York Times)

Powerful members of the Senate Agriculture Committee are angling to include even more farm and ethanol-friendly provisions to their chamber’s energy and climate legislation than the House added to its bill last month.

While Prices Slump, Carbon Trading Soars (Climate Wire)

The global carbon market continues to expand, and trading volumes are way up, a direct result of the global economic slump, argues a leading market research firm in its latest mid-year review.

New Reports Challenge Wind Energy Myths (Business Green)

Two new studies show that the British power grid can cope with wind variability and that micro-wind turbines can deliver significant carbon savings.

Group to Sue EPA Over Pesticides in Polar Bears (AP)

An environmental group has filed noticed that it plans to sue to get the federal government to stop approving pesticides that end up in food eaten by polar bears.

Boxer Asks Boucher for Advice on Climate Negotiations (CQ Politics)

Senators rarely turn to House members for pointers on legislative strategy. And it’s even more unlikely to find Barbara Boxer, the brash California liberal, soliciting strategic advice from Rick Boucher, the coal advocate, on how to pass a climate bill.

Kerry: Trade Section of Climate Bill Needs Change (Reuters)

The U.S. Senate should adopt many of the climate control measures already sketched out by the House of Representatives but some trade provisions may need to be changed, Sen. John Kerry says.

Russian Official: G8 emissions cut target ‘unacceptable’ (AFP)

The G8 target for developed countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 is unacceptable and likely unattainable for Russia, President Medvedev’s top economic aide said today. "We won’t sacrifice economic growth for the sake of emission reduction.”

Organized Crime Targets E-Waste Recycling in UK (Guardian)

Organized crime has moved into the recycling industry – a development that has become clear over the past few months after a series of raids to enforce the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

‘Coal Country’ Premier Looking for New Theater (Coal Tattoo)

Saturday night’s world premier of the new film, “Coal Country” is looking for a new theater, apparently thanks to rumors that coal workers planned to protest.

How Progressives Failed to Engage the Grassroots on Climate (Wonk Room)

When it came to phone calls to fence-sitting House members on the climate bill, the progressive grassroots got utterly trounced in several districts. Why? One solid bet is because the messaging from supporters was patronizing and not entirely forthcoming.

Greenwash: The Responsible Business Awards Defy Parody (Guardian)

The self-congratulatory masters of greenwash gathered in London to applaud one other with an audacity that defied belief.