Today’s Climate: October 12, 2009

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1 Republican on Board, but Still a Steep Climb to 60 (Politico)

Environmentalists heralded Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s support for “a climate bill” as a game changer, but any climate bill still faces steep obstacles in the Senate.

World Will Miss 2010 Target to Stem Biodiversity Loss (Science Daily)

The world will miss a UN-set target to stem biodiversity loss by next year, according to experts convening in Cape Town for a conference devoted to biodiversity science.

Energy Secretary: CCS Technology Must Be Ready by 2019 (Reuters)

A technology to bury underground the greenhouse gas emissions produced from burning coal must be ready for global deployment by 2019, U.S. energy secretary Steven Chu said today.

Federal Scientists Oppose Offshore Drilling Plans (Los Angeles Times)

Citing danger to marine life, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration opposes opening large tracts of coast to drilling and recommends buffer zones off Santa Barbara.

UK Climate Committee Urges ‘Step Changes’ to Cut Emissions (Reuters)

Britain must cut greenhouse gas emissions six times faster than at present and consider more aggressive intervention in energy markets if it is to meet its low carbon targets, the government’s chief climate change adviser said today.

EU Court Ruling May Hurt European Climate Dealmaking (Dow Jones)

The European Union’s ability to push for a deal to limit global warming at an international summit in Copenhagen in December risks being weakened by a ruling of one its courts.

Obama Urged to Intensify Push for Climate Measure (Washington Post)

President Obama is coming under renewed pressure internationally and in the United States to throw his weight behind climate-change legislation, which advocates fear has suffered in light of the president’s sweeping domestic agenda.

Greenpeace Protesters Arrested on Parliament Roof (Reuters)

British police arrested 20 environmental protesters who climbed onto the roof of the Houses of Parliament, demanding more government action on climate change.

EU Promotes Smart Metering to Fight Climate Change (EurActiv)

The European Commission is calling on member states to support the rollout of technologies to boost energy efficiency, estimating that household energy bills would drop by 10% thanks to smart metering. However, no common standards for the devices are available.

World Bank Warns of Mideast Water Shortages (The National)

Water is the Middle East’s most vulnerable resource, and it will become dangerously scarce within decades unless it is radically better managed, the World Bank says in a new report.

Texas Desalination Plant to Tap Power of the Gulf (Houston Chronicle)

A Texas firm plans to use wave power from the Gulf of Mexico to make saltwater drinkable. Renew Blue says its project can address two global problems by using clean energy to turn seawater to freshwater.

Chamber of Commerce: Exit Through Lobby (The New Yorker)

It’s no surprise that the climate-change debate has become a flashpoint for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce since it encompasses everything that the organization routinely opposes: regulation, taxation, and a bigger role for government.