Today’s Climate: July 13, 2009

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UK Renewable Energy Strategy: 4X More Wind Power (London Times)

UK ministers have put wind power at the heart of a renewable energy strategy, to be released this week, that will outline how Britain will meet its target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions 34 percent by 2020.

Senate GOP’s Anti-Climate Plan: Fearmongering About Food (Wonk Room)

Senate Republicans have a new strategy for attacking climate action: They intend to claim clean energy reform will make food prices skyrocket, basing the claim on a report from the Exxon-fund Heritage Foundation.

In Senate Climate Debate, All Eyes on Bayh (Politico)

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, whose home state is near the top of the charts in per capita carbon emissions, is becoming — for lobbyists, greens and even some anxious House Democrats — the man to watch as the Senate turns to the issue of climate change.

Electric Cars Could Dominate US Roads in 2030 (Reuters)

Electric car sales could jump to 86 percent of U.S. light vehicle sales in 2030 if consumers don’t have to buy batteries themselves, according to a University of California, Berkeley study to be released today.

Greenland May Mandate Carbon Capture (Bloomberg)

Greenland’s government may require energy companies investing in oil and gas production to capture and store carbon emissions, says Joern Skov Nielsen, director of the Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum.

EU Parliament Turning More Pro-Business (EurActiv)

The new European Parliament is likely to be more pro-business and more industry-friendly, adopting a less ‘green’ stance on major policy issues than the previous legislature, public affairs bosses told EurActiv ahead of its inaugural session tomorrow.

EU President Sweden: UN Climate Talks Too Slow (Reuters)

Global climate talks are progressing too slowly and too many countries are demanding action from others rather than acting by themselves, says the environment minister of Sweden, which recently took over the European Union presidency.

Gordon Brown: Green Revolution Will Power Economic Recovery (Guardian)

I am determined that Britain will be at the forefront of the transition to low-carbon societies, not only because it is our moral duty to future generations, but because it will underpin our push towards economic recovery, the British prime minister writes.

UK Business Lobby Group: Less Wind, More Nuclear (Reuters)

The UK business lobbying group CBI is urging British leaders to build more nuclear reactors and cleaner coal plants while putting less emphasis on wind power for a secure low-carbon future.

Alaska Airlines Begins ‘Greener Skies’ Testing (ClimateBiz)

Alaska Airlines hopes to dramatically cut emissions from air travel by using satellite guidance technology called Required Navigation Performance (RNP) that helps planes save fuel.

What’s Really Moving the Energy Markets? (Financial Times)

Supply? Demand? Geopolitical risk? Try fear of over-regulation. The prospect of heightened regulation appears to have had a statistically significant impact on the energy price turn-around last summer, and it may be doing the same now.

Is America On Its Way to Becoming a Boiled Frog? (New York Times)

How to head off climate change should be the dominant policy issue of our time. But it isn’t, because climate change is a creeping threat rather than an attention-grabbing crisis, Paul Krugman writes.

Lunatic Fringe: Wing Nuts Unleashed on Climate Bill (NRDC)

If you feel the ground shaking under your feet that is because the United States is about to be swallowed up into the bowels of Hell as the U.S. Senate takes up climate legislation. Or so Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin would have you believe.