Today’s Climate: July 14, 2009

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SEC Turnaround Sparks Sudden Look at Climate Disclosure (ClimateWire)

Federal regulators are preparing to launch "a very serious look" at requiring corporations to assess and reveal the effects of climate change on their financial health, according to a commissioner on the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sen. Alexander Says ‘No’ To Climate Compromise (Wall Street Journal)

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) called the ACES climate plan “unfixable” and said incentives for more nuclear power would not be enough to win his support.

Brazil: Technology Transfer Key to Global Climate Deal (AFP)

An international climate deal could hinge on steps to ease the transfer of green technology to developing countries, a Brazilian official told a World Intellectual Property Organization conference.

China Seeks to Dominate in Renewable Energy (New York Times)

When the United States’ top energy and commerce officials arrive in China today, they will land in the middle of a building storm over China’s protectionist tactics to become the world’s leader in renewable energy.

Exxon to Invest in Algae (New York Times)

Exxon Mobil, whose chief executive once mocked alternative energy by referring to ethanol as “moonshine,” is about to venture into biofuels. Today, Exxon plans to announce a $600 million investment in producing fuel from algae.

Quake Fears Stall Enhanced Geothermal Project (New York Times)

Two federal agencies are delaying Altarock’s enhanced geothermal project, which would fracture bedrock miles underground and extract its geothermal energy, until a scientific review determines whether the California project could produce dangerous earthquakes.

Austin’s Clean Energy Program Struggling with Cost (American-Statesman)

Austin’s groundbreaking GreenChoice program, which sells electricity generated entirely from renewable sources, is struggling to find buyers and Austin Energy is looking for ways to bring down the rising costs.

Voinovich Puts Hold on EPA Nominee to Force New ACES Analysis (CQ Politics)

Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) is blocking Senate confirmation of the EPA’s deputy administrator to force the EPA to “refine” its analysis of the economic effects of the Waxman-Markey climate bill.

Months After Ash spill, Tennessee Town Still Choking (CNN)

Six months after the largest industrial spill in U.S. history, families in Harriman, Tenn., do not feel comfortable going outside. Their children have gotten sick, and their land has become a moonscape.

EU Approves Aid for British CO2 Plan (Reuters)

The European Commission today approved aid for a British carbon trading plan that would apply to non-energy intensive industries not covered by the ETS.

EU: Carbon Offset Reform Plan No Threat to China (Reuters)

Proposals by the European Union to tighten a U.N.-run global carbon offsetting regime will help China rather than hinder it, a policy official with the European Commission says.

Ener1 and Volvo team up, leaving Think behind? (Cleantech)

Using New York-based Ener1’s battery packs, Volvo’s development program is expected to produce a commercially ready plug-in hybrid model by 2012. The news could indicate Ener1 is moving away from its partnership with Norway’s Think Global.

Low Gas Prices Hurt Sales of High-Ethanol E85 Fuel (AP)

Lower gasoline prices, while a boon for drivers, were a gut punch for ethanol producers and promoters of the high-ethanol blend known as E85. Sales are down by half in Minnesota, the U.S. leader in E85 pumps.

Michigan Gov’s Home Goes Green With Wind Turbines, Solar (AP)

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is taking her campaign for green technology to the governor’s residence, where a wind turbine, expected to save about $1,200 a year, has been erected and solar panels soon will go up to increase the home’s energy efficiency.

Palin Op-Ed: The ‘Cap And Tax’ Dead End (Washington Post)

Soon-to-be-ex Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin writes that she’s deeply concerned about the Waxman-Markey ACES bill and thinks it’s “an enormous threat to our economy.”