Today’s Climate: September 14, 2010

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GOP Considers Plan to Stymie New Greenhouse Gas Rules at Senate Markup (The Hill)

Senate Republicans may use a markup of EPA’s annual spending bill Thursday to try and block the agency from implementing new climate change rules.

Utah Agency Approves Oil-Sands Project (AP)

A top Utah regulator approved plans Monday for the first commercial U.S. oil sands project. Opponents, who argued that the project would dig up fragile topsoil and pollute groundwater, can still appeal the decision to a state board.

Boxer and Feinstein Ask Federal Regulators to Order Inspection of Gas Pipelines (Los Angeles Times)

California’s senators called Monday on federal regulators to order inspections of all interstate natural gas pipelines in the state, with a priority on those that run near residential areas.

Environmental Groups Fight Ga. Coal Power Plant (AP)

A coalition of environmental groups asked a state judge Monday to overturn the permit allowing a coal plant to be built in middle Georgia because they said its approval was legally flawed.

Enbridge Shuts 3rd Pipeline, Outages Near 1 Million Bpd (Reuters)

A small oil spill on Monday forced Enbridge to close an oil pipeline in New York, just four days after another leak in Illinois forced it to shut a massive Canadian crude export pipeline.

Ill. Oil Pipeline Leak Stopped; Cleanup Under Way (AP)

Crews on Monday removed a 12-foot section of pipe at the site of an oil spill outside Chicago that led to a spike in regional gasoline prices, but it could take weeks to clean up the contamination, federal officials said.

Strong Positions on Either Side of "Fracking" at EPA Hearing (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Armed with placards and clever slogans, hundreds of supporters and opponents of gas drilling descended on Binghamton, N.Y. on Monday in a passionate display of just how fractious the process known as hydraulic fracturing has become.

U.S. Expects to Sue Over Deepwater Horizon Disaster (Wall Street Journal)

The U.S. Justice Department said Monday that it expects to file a civil suit in relation to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, asking the court handling hundreds of private cases to give government and state plaintiffs special consideration.

Gulf May Avoid Direst Predictions After Oil Spill (New York Times)

Evidence is increasing that through a combination of luck and ecological circumstance, the gulf region appears to have escaped the direst predictions of the spring after the BP spill first occurred.

New Rules Slow Gulf Drilling Pace in Shallow Water (AP)

Energy exploration in the Gulf’s shallow waters has come to a virtual standstill as drillers grapple with tougher federal rules since the spill.

Wind Group Launches TV, Online Ad Push for Renewables Standard (The Hill)

The wind industry’s main trade group is revving up its push for legislation creating a national renewable-electricity standard in the waning weeks of the 111th Congress.

UN Carbon Board Should Reject India Coal Plant, CDM Watch Says (Bloomberg)

A UN board overseeing the world’s second-biggest carbon market should this week reject an application for tradable credits from a proposed Indian coal plant, said CDM Watch, the environmental lobby group.

Japan Takes Aim at Ontario’s Green Energy Plan (Canadian Press)

Ontario’s push for green energy has sparked a dispute with Japan, which is poised to launch a formal complaint over government subsidies for firms that are building solar and wind power projects in the province.

Suzlon Plans China Expansion as Wind-Turbine Epicenter Shifts (Bloomberg)

Suzlon Energy Ltd., India’s biggest maker of wind turbines, said it plans to expand capacity at its plant in China as that market remains the world’s largest and the company returns to profit this financial year.

Europe’s Climate Chief Scolds and Praises China (Reuters)

China’s climate negotiators are moving too slowly, but the country’s green energy companies are advancing at an "astonishing" pace and threaten to outpace western competitors, Europe’s climate chief said on Tuesday.

Health Gain Would Help Meet Cost of EU Carbon Goals: Group (AFP)

Deepening its cut in greenhouse-gas emissions from 20 to 30% would coincidentally save the EU tens of billions of dollars in health costs, campaign groups said on Tuesday.

Ukraine Proposes Creating a Joint Carbon Market With Russia, Kazakhstan (Bloomberg)

Ukraine’s Environment Investments Agency has proposed creating a joint carbon market with Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, leaving it "open for other countries to join."