Today’s Climate: September 15, 2009

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Schwarzenegger to Implement His Own California Energy Plan (Reuters)

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will veto the renewable energy standard passed by the Legislature and launch his own plan by executive order today with a similar goal but different rules, possibly counting nuclear and hydropower as renewable.

Interior Dept. Launches Coordinated Climate Strategy (Washington Post)

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar launched the Obama administration’s first coordinated response to the impacts of climate change, which he said would both monitor how global warming is altering the nation’s landscape and help the country cope with those changes.

JPMorgan Bids for EcoSecurities as US Considers Cap & Trade (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan Chase offered $203 million for emissions project manager EcoSecurities Group, topping a rival bid and signaling broader interest in trading pollution credits as the U.S. weighs a cap-and-trade program.

EPA to Limit Metal Discharges From Coal Plants (Greenwire)

Following a threatened lawsuit from environmental groups, the EPA today said it intends to widen its rules for coal-fired power plants to include limits on toxic metal discharges.

Greenland Demands More CO2 (Politiken)

Greenland’s prime minister wants to increase the world’s largest island’s CO2 emission by a factor of 14, and he says he won’t endorse a global climate agreement without it.

Rockefeller Takes Up the Fight For Coal in Senate (New York Times)

The West Virginia Democrat is ready to pick up in the Senate where Rep. Rick Boucher left off on the climate bill in the House. "I cannot strategically negotiate and fight for West Virginia’s future if I just say no outright," he says.

A Look at Key States, Issues in Climate Bill Fight (Reuters)

If a climate change bill makes it to the U.S. Senate floor for a vote this year, its passage will depend partly on conflicting pressures lawmakers face in their home states. Here’s a look at some of the key issues and players.

China to Unveil Climate Plan at UN Summit (Reuters)

China’s President Hu Jintao will present China’s new plans for tackling global warming at a United Nations summit on climate change later this month, the country’s senior negotiator said today.

Ethiopia Seeks Climate Change Answers from Public (AFP)

Ethiopia will conduct a nationwide canvass of opinion on how to tackle climate change and use the results to help shape Africa’s position during key talks in Copenhagen in December.

Climate Change Impacting Minnesota Forests (MPR)

A University of Minnesota forestry expert says global warming and other stressors will dramatically change the state’s northern forests, leaving much of the state a prairie.

One in Six Mediterranean Mammals Threatened with Extinction (AFP)

One in six Mediterranean mammals is threatened with extinction at the regional level, mainly due to the destruction of their habitat from urbanization, agriculture and climate change, nature body IUCN said in a new study released today.

Fiat Made Cleanest Cars in Europe; Daimler Dirtiest (Bloomberg)

Fiat SpA produced cars with the lowest average carbon-dioxide emissions in Europe, while Daimler AG made the most-polluting cars, according to the European Federation for Transport & Environment. Overall, car makers reduced emissions but were short of their voluntary goal.

Hawaii Goes Green in Remaking Island Power Grids (New York Times)

With the most diverse array of alternative energy potential of any state in the nation, Hawaii has set out to become a living laboratory for the rest of the country. The state’s Republican governor has resolved to throw off the yoke of oil dependence.