Today’s Climate: June 19, 2009

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Europe to Offer China Help Burying CO2 Emissions (Reuters)

Europe will next week start moves to help China and India develop technology to trap and bury carbon dioxide underground in the fight against global warming, according to a draft European Commission document.

EU Postpones Decision on Climate Change Funding for Poor Nations (CP)

Leaders of the EU’s 27 nations said in a draft statement today that Europe "will contribute its fair share of international public support" to help poor nations deal with climate change but won’t decide how much until October.

GOP’s Anti–Climate Document Authored by Coal Industry (Grist)

It’s no secret that the fossil-fuel industry produces many of the talking points Republicans use to scare voters about energy legislation. Usually, though, the energy companies don’t literally sign on as authors. This time they did.

CAP: Clean Energy Economy Creates 1.7M Jobs (Wonk Room)

America’s emerging clean energy economy will create 1.7 million jobs and spur $150 billion in clean investments a year if the U.S.takes strong action, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress analyzing the combined effect of the stimulus package and ACES climate bill.

Scientists: Climate Catastrophe Getting Closer (Space Daily)

The world faces a growing risk of "abrupt and irreversible climatic shifts" as fallout from global warming hits faster than expected, according to new research. It says climate indicators are already at or near the upper boundaries forecast by the IPCC.

Moves to Put Union Label on Solar Power Plants (New York Times)

As California moves to license dozens of huge solar power plants to meet state renewable energy goals, some developers say they are being pressured to sign agreements to use union labor. If they refuse, they say, the unions make trouble.

EPA Biofuels Rule Survives by 1 Vote (Reuters)

By a one-vote margin, a U.S. House committee decided last night not to intervene in EPA regulations that could hold U.S. ethanol makers responsible for indirect land-use changes overseas.

Beijing’s High-polluting Vehicle Phase-out May Be Working (NRDC)

Beijing residents are enjoying the best air quality for the same period of time since year 2000, partly thanks to the city’s high-polluting vehicle phase-out plan.

Climate Bill: Good Start Or Non-Starter? (Yale Environment 360)

With carbon cap-and-trade legislation working it way through Congress, Yale Environment 360 asks 11 prominent people in the environmental and energy fields for their views on the climate legislation.

U.S. Natural-Gas Supplies Surge (Wall Street Journal)

The amount of natural gas available for production in the United States has soared 58% in the past four years, driven by a drilling boom and the discovery of huge new gas fields in Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania, a new study says.

Coal Ash Sites Hidden While Industry Works to Stop Regulation (Huffington Post)

If you lived near hazardous waste so toxic it could increase your cancer risk to as high as a staggering 1 in 50, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Environmental groups are demanding the government release a so-far secret list of coal ash sites.

Nasdaq Launches New Sustainability Index (Business Green)

The Nasdaq has become the latest exchange to launch a corporate sustainability index, providing investors with information on how businesses are performing against their peers from an environmental and social perspective.

Nuclear Nations Rush to Lock in Uranium Deals (Reuters)

A global shift toward nuclear power is prompting countries to rush to lock in long-term access to tight supplies of uranium, and China and India look to be the next players to get in on the action.

Borneo Project Aims to Yield Lessons on Saving Forests (Reuters)

Within a vast deforested area on Borneo island, Australia and Indonesia hope to turn an ecological disaster into a global lesson on how to help local communities save tropical forests and fight climate change.

UK Weather Forecast for 2080: Floods, Droughts, Heatwaves (Guardian)

Scientists released a detailed assessment of how global warming will unfold across Britain, painting a picture of a very different UK, with soaring summertime temperatures and dwindling rainfall.

Drought Fears on Canadian Prairies Prompt Call for Disaster Plan (CBC)

Pressure is mounting on the Canadian government to come up with a disaster plan in preparation for what some are warning could be a devastating drought in Western Canada.

FWS: Alaska Polar Bear Numbers Falling (Reuters)

Polar bear populations in and around Alaska are declining due to continued melting of sea ice and Russian poaching, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports.