Today’s Climate: March 22, 2010

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Obama May Pay Price By Pushing ‘Political Chips’ on Health Care (Bloomberg)

The U.S. House finally passed a health-care overhaul, but Pres. Obama and his party could pay a price for the victory, including scaling back energy and climate legislation.

Colo. Poised to Raise Renewable Energy Standard (AP)

Gov. Bill Ritter is expected to sign into law today a bill requiring Colorado utilities to get 30% of their power from renewable sources by 2020 — one of the strongest such standards in the nation.

Wind Energy Investment of $65 Billion May Curb Fossil Fuel Use (Bloomberg)

China WindPower Group, Iberdrola SA and Duke Energy will lead development of an estimated $65 billion of wind power plants this year that will help utilities reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

UK to Launch $3 Bln Green Investment Bank (Reuters)

The Labor government will unveil a $3 billion "green" investment bank in Wednesday’s budget to help Britain’s transformation to a low-carbon economy, a government source said.

Chevron is Putting Solar Technologies to the Test (Los Angeles Times)

Oil giant Chevron plans to reveal today that it has transformed an 8-acre site into a sprawling solar energy test facility with 7,700 PV panels from seven different firms.

Energy Security Worry to Drive India’s Low-CO2 Plan (Reuters)

Worries over energy security will drive India’s goal to slow the growth of its carbon emissions, the head of a government panel tasked with developing the country’s low-carbon strategy said on Monday.

Enel, Saint Gobain Join Desertec Project (Reuters)

Italian power provider Enel and French building materials maker Saint Gobain have joined the Desertec solar project, which hopes to supply 15% of Europe’s power by 2050 via a network of renewable energy sources.

Energy Minister Will Hold Summit to Calm Rising Fears Over Peak Oil (Guardian)

Lord Hunt, the energy minister, is to meet industrialists in London today in a bid to calm mounting fears about the disruption that could follow a sudden shortage of oil supplies.

Bangladesh to Hold Regional Climate Conference (Xinhua)

A two-day Regional Climate Conference will be held in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka on May 19-20, bringing more than 15 Asian, African and small island states to raise their common issues with regard to the climate change.

Global Cooling is Bunk, Draft NASA Study Finds (Daily Climate)

There has been no reduction in the global warming trend of 0.15º C to 0.20º C per decade that began in the late 1970s, according to a draft analysis of temperature data by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Hunt for ‘Rogue Trader’ Over Recycled Carbon Credits (Sunday Times)

A tiny London firm made a £1.8m profit last week by selling invalid carbon permits to unwitting buyers in Europe — which caused a temporary trading freeze at two of the main carbon trading exchanges.

Cruise Lines Hope to Sink U.S.-Canada Pollution Plan (Reuters)

Cruise companies are balking at a proposal to create a low-emissions buffer zone around the U.S. and Canada, saying it sets arbitrary boundaries based on faulty science that overstates the health benefits.

For Electric Car Batteries, Nissan Bets on Leasing (Bloomberg)

Nissan, seeking to lead the emerging market for electric autos, said it expects most customers will lease rather than buy battery packs for the vehicles.