Today’s Climate: May 25, 2009

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Should Major Emitters Focus on Solar? (New York Times)

The small batch of rich countries that dominate the global economy — and the human influence on the global atmosphere — convene today in Paris for a U.S.-initiated effort aimed at creating partnerships and programs on climate and energy.

Ban Ki-Moon Says US Climate Bill ‘Not Enough’ (Reuters)

The House climate bill doesn’t go far enough to cut greenhouse gases, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says. He applauds Obama’s engagement on climate issues but says other countries are doing more and a global pact can’t wait for the U.S.

Industries Push to Expand Definition of ‘Renewable Energy’ (New York Times)

Industries are lobbying hard to have a growing number of other technologies categorized as renewable — or at least as environmentally advantageous – including nuclear and the burning of garbage and even the waste from coal mines.

Dust Storms Speed Snowmelt in West (Los Angeles Times)

An unusually high number of the spring dust storms has left a film of dust on the Rocky Mountain snowpack, causing it to melt earlier and forcing farmers to adjust. 

Testing Obama’s Resolve on Clean Energy (New York Times)

In the six months before world leaders gather in this city to seek a deal on climate change, Obama will face a true test of presidential grit as he tries to deliver on his call for transformational policies on energy and the environment.

Big Polluters Attend Climate Change Summit (Guardian)

An international meeting that will help shape the agenda for the most important climate change talks since the Kyoto protocol has been hijacked by some of the biggest polluters in the world who want to ensure business as usual, critics claim.

Pelosi Talks Clean Energy in China (AP)

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, long a fierce critic of Beijing, is in China today with a Congressional delegation to highlight common goals in promoting clean energy to fight climate change.

Protecting Oceans Vital in Warming Fight (UPI)

Scientists at the International Marine Conservation Congress stressed that because the oceans absorb much of the ever-increasing supply of carbon emissions, maintaining their health is a prerequisite for battling climate change.

Amazon Hit by Climate Chaos of Floods, Drought (AP)

Experts suspect global warming may be driving wild climate swings that appear to be punishing the Amazon and its people with increasing frequency.

Renown Climber Warns of Everest Climate Damage (AP)

A Sherpa from Nepal who holds the world’s record for scaling Mount Everest said after returning from his latest trek that the planet’s highest peak was littered with trash and its glaciers were melting because of global warming.

Power-Hungry Gadgets Must Learn to Diet (New Scientist)

Come 2030, electronic gadgets will gobble three times as much electricity as they do today, requiring 280 gigawatts of new generating capacity, unless we do something about it. The technology exists now to rein it in, the EIA says.