Today’s Climate: December 26-27, 2009

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Obama Faces Tough Senate Fight to Deliver on Climate Pledges Made Overseas (Washington Post)

By brokering a climate deal in Copenhagen, Pres. Obama committed himself to a more daunting task: pushing for climate legislation in the Senate in 2010.

China Adopts Law to Boost Renewable Energy Industry (AFP)

China’s national assembly has adopted a law obliging electricity grid companies to buy all the power produced by renewable energy generators.

China Defends Wen Jiabao’s Role in Copenhagen Talks (Reuters)

China defended the role played by premier Wen Jiabao at climate talks in Copenhagen after a barrage of international criticism blamed Beijing for obstructing negotiations.

Albertans Snub Climate Change Threat (Calgary Herald)

A new survey found that 31% of Albertans think global warming is a theory that has not yet been proven. Nationally, just 17% of Canadians share that opinion.

Canada Falling Behind U.S. in Clean-Energy Efforts: Experts (CanWest News)

The Harper government is distancing itself from Pres. Obama’s clean energy agenda, warn some of those involved in the Canadian wind industry, one of the nation’s fastest-growing clean energy sectors.

Nature’s Race Against Time as Climate Changes (The Independent)

Global temperatures are set to rise faster than the speed at which most animals and plants can move to cooler areas, according to a study estimating the velocity of climate change.

Greenpeace to Keep Up Pressure Post-Copenhagen (Reuters)

In the lead up to Mexico City, Greenpeace will keep up the pressure on leaders it believes let the world down on global warming, Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said.

Generating Solar Power After Dark (Green Inc.)

Two solar farms being planned in California would store the sun’s energy in molten salt, releasing heat at night to generate electricity. The technology is a potential game-changer for the industry.

New Financing Schemes Make Solar More Affordable (San Jose Mercury News)

A number of Bay Area solar companies — including Akeena Solar, SolarCity, Sungevity and SunRun — are pioneering new business models and creative financing mechanisms to make rooftop solar more affordable.

Toyota Develops Solar Charging Station for Electric Cars (Green Car Congress)

Toyota Industries Corp. has developed a grid-connected solar charging station for plug-in hybrids and EVs, which it will test out at 11 locations in Japan come April.

Need for Coal Threatens Zimbabwe National Park (Mail & Guardian)

Zimbabwe’s already dim electricity supply faces a new threat, as the country’s main power plant says it needs to dig for new coal reserves under a river inside a national park to keep running.

Capacity of China’s 1st Massive Wind Power Base Hits 2 GW (Xinhau)

The installed capacity of China’s first massive wind power base in Gansu Province reached 2 GW, local authorities said. The base is planned to be the first of its kind to have a capacity of more than 10 GW.

Ethanol Groups Sue California Over Low-Carbon Rule (Wall Street Journal)

Ethanol producers asked a federal court to strike down a California rule that calls for a reduction in the carbon content of fuels sold in that state, saying the measure jeopardizes the market for ethanol.

Asia Outdoes US in ‘Climate Economy’ (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Asia-Pacific nations reported better results than the U.S, when it came to providing goods, products and services that helped in easing the impact of climate change, according to HSBC.

Warming Has Already Boosted Insect Breeding (Science News)

Warming is jolting insect breeding among certain species, causing an extra generation during the summer for the first time on record. The surge in pests could mean another headache for farmers.