Today’s Climate: April 28, 2009

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Dingell Democrats Fret Over Cap and Trade (Politico)

Rep. Henry Waxman has his hands full securing votes in the House Energy and Commerce Committee; it’s one of the reasons he moved to postpone a climate bill markup scheduled for this week.

Invoking Sputnik Era, Obama Vows Record Outlays for Research (New York Times)

President Obama presented a vision of a new era in research financing comparable to the Sputnik-period space race, in which intensified scientific inquiry, and development of the intellectual capacity to pursue it, are a top national priority.

Clinton: US Acting on Climate Change (AP)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a meeting of the world’s largest polluters that any agreement to combat global warming should require developing countries like India and China to cut emissions.

Arctic CO2 Levels Growing at ‘Unprecedented Rate’ (Guardian)

Measurements from a station in northern Norway show that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing by 2 to 3 parts per million every year.

UK Coal: Energy Security Fears Will Help Us (Guardian)

Growing concerns about Britain’s future energy security are putting coal back on to the center stage, the boss of Britain’s biggest producer, UK Coal, says.

Norway’s Finance Minister: Ban New Gasoline Cars in 2015 (Reuters)

Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen says the proposal to ban sales of new gasoline-powered cars in Norway starting in 2015 could help spur struggling carmakers to shift to greener models.

London Mayor Unveils Blueprint for ‘Cycling Revolution’ (Business Green)

Mayor Boris Johnson’s plan, similar to one in Paris, would allow cyclists to pick up one of 6,000 bikes at the 400 docking stations planned for London by 2010.

Polymer Solar Cell Plant Hooked to Grid in Denmark (Science Daily)

Danish researchers have connected a polymer solar cell plant to an electrical grid in a successful world-first demonstration of how the promising, low-cost renewable energy technology can be integrated.

Black Carbon: Something Boxer, Inhofe Agree On (Earth Justice)

Barbara Boxer is one of the Senate’s greenest members. Jim Inhofe is its chief global warming denier. Yet, together they have introduced a bill to require EPA to find ways to control a dangerous pollutant accelerating global warming.

Top 50 Buyers of Green Power (Treehugger)

The U.S. EPA’s list of the top 50 purchasers of green power is loaded with surprises. From Fortune 500 companies to city governments, it reveals an encouraging trend toward the use of clean energy.

Burden Lies with Rich Polluters, Native People Say (IPS)

Already suffering the impacts of climate change, indigenous peoples at an international summit rejected carbon trading and called for a moratorium on new oil and gas exploration in their traditional territories and the eventual phase-out of fossil fuels.

90% of Climate Change Research Should Be Social Science (Nature)

Physicists can describe climate threats and tell decision-makers that technological solutions are out there, but it’s up to social science to figure out how we bring about massive economic and social transformation on a tight deadline.