Today’s Climate: June 29, 2009

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Obama Warns on Climate Bill Tariffs (Baltimore Sun)

President Obama praised the House climate bill vote but expressed reservations about a provision that would slap tariffs on imports from countries that do not similarly crack down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Nuclear Industry Trying to Hijack Clean Energy Forum? (Guardian)

The nuclear power industry has been accused of trying to muscle in on plans to establish a global body to represent the renewable energy industry at a key meeting in Egypt today.

Scientists: UK Energy Bills ‘Too Low’ to Combat Climate Change (Guardian)

Consumers will need to pay more for energy if the UK is to have any chance of developing the technologies needed to tackle climate change, a group of leading scientists and engineers write in a Royal Society study to be published today.

Back to Petroleum: BP Shutters Alternative Energy HQ (Guardian)

BP has shut down its alternative energy headquarters in London, accepted the resignation of its clean energy boss and imposed budget cuts in moves likely to be seen by environmental critics as further signs of the oil group moving "back to petroleum."

Murky, Expensive Future for Coal Ash Disposal (Chattanooga Times)

The cost of cleaning up the TVA’s massive ash spill has averaged $1 million a day and will continue for months, but the costs in health, lost property value and a necessary shift to more expensive ash-storage methods has yet to be tallied.

Clash Over Drilling in the Allegheny National Forest (Erie News-Times)

A controversy of who controls how, when, where, and if oil and gas wells may be drilled on land in the Allegheny National Forest is poised to blow like the oil gushers that first drew speculators to the region.

Browner’s Husband Lobbied for Florida Oil Drilling (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

Carol Browner’s role as Obama’s top adviser on major environmental issues could be clouded by her husband’s role last year as chief lobbyist for the group behind the latest push for more oil drilling off Florida’s coast.

Australia’s Opposition Leader Backs Off on Emissions Vote (Canberra Times)

The Government’s controversial emissions trading scheme could win parliamentary support this year, after opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull appeared to back down on demands debate be put off until next year.

Land Hunger Eats Into Kenya’s Fragile Forest (Financial Times)

Kenya’s Mau forest, a drainage basin at the country’s ecological heart, is being destroyed by subsistence farmers, starving cash crops that are crucial to Kenya’s long-term viability.

Sri Lanka To Develop Renewable Energy (Bernama)

The Sri Lankan government says it has designed a national energy plan for the development of wind and biomass to meet 10 percent of the island’s energy needs with renewable energy by 2016.

Algae Farm Aims to Turn CO2 Into Fuel (New York Times)

Dow Chemical and Algenol Biofuels, a start-up company, are set to announce Monday that they will build a demonstration plant that, if successful, would use algae to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol as a vehicle fuel or an ingredient in plastics.

Krugman: Elected Leaders Betraying the Planet (New York Times)

Paul Krugman writes of the House climate bill debate last week: "As I watched the deniers make their arguments, I couldn’t help thinking that I was watching a form of treason — treason against the planet."

Why President Obama Must Visit Appalachia (Huffington Post)

It is time for President Barack Obama and CEQ chief Nancy Sutley to make their first visit to a mountaintop removal moonscape and coal slurry impoundment and bear witness to the impact the administration’s regulatory strip-mining policies have on coalfield residents.