Today’s Climate: August 30, 2010

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Judge Denies Cuccinelli’s Demand for Climate Researcher’s Records (Roanoke Times)

A county judge has blocked AG Ken Cuccinelli’s quest for documents related to the work of former University of Virginia climate scientist Michael Mann, ruling that Cuccinelli failed to show why he suspects the professor may have violated a state fraud statute.

Elevated Levels of Toxins Found in Athabasca River (Globe and Mail)

A study set to be published today has found elevated levels of 13 toxic elements in the oil sands’ main fresh water source, the Athabasca River, refuting government and industry claims that water quality there hasn’t been affected by oil sands development.

BP Said to Fault Own Engineers for Misinterpreting Well Data (Bloomberg)

BP’s internal investigation of the Deepwater Horizon disaster pins some of the blame on the company for mistakes made when finishing the oil well, including misreading pressure data that indicated a blowout was imminent.

Jindal Calls for Greater ‘Urgency’ from Obama on Ending Drilling Moratorium (The Hill) 

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) on Sunday blasted Pres. Obama’s failure to revisit his ban on offshore oil drilling, saying the delay is costing "thousands of Louisianans our jobs."

Risk-Taking Rises as Oil Rigs in Gulf Drill Deeper (New York Times)

Even as regulators investigate the causes of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the broader dangers posed by the industry’s push into deeper waters have gone largely unscrutinized. 

Drilling Rules Shake-Up Puts New Regulator in Spotlight (Wall Street Journal)

Michael Bromwich, the nation’s new chief offshore oil regulator, is at the center of an escalating debate over the reshaping of rules that govern offshore oil and exploration in the Gulf.

Environmental Groups Face Their Future in Climate Change Debate (Washington Post)

For the environmental movement, this year’s climate bill defeat was more than a loss; it was a reckoning, a signal that it had overestimated its influence, according to a WaPo analysis.

Cape Wind Foes Want Grid Contracts Axed (Boston Herald) 

Cape Wind opponents are urging state regulators to dismiss contracts between the offshore wind power developers and National Grid, citing the state’s recent rejection of three contracts filed by Nstar.

Mass. Senate to Try Again to Pass Wind Power Bill (AP) 

The Massachusetts State Senate is trying again to pass a bill supporters say will streamline the location of wind power facilities in the state.

Quebec Shale Gas Hearings Set for Fall (Montreal Gazette)

Quebec’s policies — or lack thereof — when it comes to regulating its nascent shale gas industry will be the subject of public hearings beginning this autumn, the provincial government announced.

Japan Plans to Bind Large Firms to CO2 Caps: Draft (Reuters)

Japan’s compulsory emissions trading scheme is set to start in April 2013 and cover large CO2 emitting companies, a draft of the government’s proposals showed on Monday.

Merkel Says Extending German Nuclear Power by Up to 15 Years Is ‘Sensible’ (Bloomberg) 

Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she favors an extension of the operating lifespan of German nuclear power plants by as many as 15 years, less than utilities such as E.ON AG and RWE AG are hoping for.

Friends of the Earth Urges End to ‘Land Grab’ for Biofuels (Guardian)

In a new report, Friends of the Earth says the EU must drop its goal to produce 10% of all transport fuels from biofuels by 2020, or risk plunging more Africans into hunger.