Rising temperatures are strengthening the destructive force of wildfires, hurricanes and floods, putting tens of millions of Americans at risk.
Tens of thousands of Americans are already paying a high price, their lives shattered by climate calamities.
Here are twenty-one of their stories, and more.


Paradise, CA November 2018
How Are We Going to Get Out?
The Most Known Choral Melody in the World
These Are the Good Old Days
Anyone Who Wasn't Scared, Wasn't Here
I Need a Place to Heal
My Sister Judy
More Fire Than We Could Deal With
What the Science Says


Mexico Beach, FL October 2018
I Never Thought This Would Happen
I Could Not Believe What My Eyes Had Seen
I Have to Hold on to This Baby
In a Time of Trouble, Let's Wait on God
I Thought I Was the Only Person Alive
They Didn't Even Find Her for Days and Days
Goodbye to the Grand Old Lady
What the Science Says


Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska March 2019
I'm a Determined Man
We're Not Going to Rebuild Here
Everybody Lost Everything
It's Time to Get Outta Here
It Was Damn Near Instant
She Was My Second Best Trophy Cow
This Is Not Normal Weather
What the Science Says

What the Data Says

The Shared Experience of Disaster

What the Science Says

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