VIDEO – Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World, Part 2

'We've been here for less than 10 minutes hiking, and we've already spotted a polar bear.'

In Part 2 of "Polar Bear Man," Matt Dyer (seen here) returns to the site where he was attacked by a polar bear in the Torngats in the Canadian Arctic tundra. Credit: screenshot from "Polar Bear Man"

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More than a year ago, InsideClimate News reporter Sabrina Shankman set out to tell the story of seven American hikers who went on a wilderness adventure into Canada’s Arctic tundra—polar bear country—and came back with a harrowing story.

The result was “Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World,” an e-book we released last month that shows what is happening right now to polar bears and people as climate change melts the Arctic.

Below is Part 2 of the documentary video “Polar Bear Man” produced by VICE, ICN’s partner in this project. Watch Part 1.

Read a free excerpt of Meltdown here. Click here to get the full book on the ICN books app, or download as a Kindle Single.