Today’s Climate: January 14, 2009

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At Hearing, Chu Tempers Comments on Gas Tax, Coal (Washington Post)

Steven Chu, Obama’s Energy Secretary pick, presented strong views yesterday during his confirmation hearing on the need to solve climate, while delicately handling questions from senators about his past criticism of coal, support of gas taxes and embrace of cap and trade.

TVA Ordered to Pay for Oil Spill Review (The Tennessean)

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has ordered TVA to cooperate fully with the state’s review of the Kingston coal ash disaster, and told the utility it must cover all the state’s costs for the review.

U.S. Must Lead on Economy, Climate Change: Clinton (Reuters)

The US must work with emerging economies in the current economic crisis and must lead the effort to fight global climate change, Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton said yesterday during her Senate confirmation hearing.

Massachusetts Sets 10% of Electricity from Wind by 2020 (Reuters)

Massachusetts has set an aggressive target of generating enough electricity from wind to power 10% of its needs, or about 800,000 homes, by 2020.

Obama Urged to Spend Billions on Weather Research (Reuters)

Weather scientists have urged Obama to spend $9 billion on satellites and research to prepare for hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires and examine links between destructive weather and climate change.

Gas Engines Get Upgrade in Challenge to Hybrids (Wall Street Journal)

While automakers are showcasing gas-electric hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell batteries, they also are rolling out advanced gasoline engines that rely on direct fuel injection, which could deliver greater fuel efficiency.

Some States in a Pinch May Raise Gasoline Tax (New York Times)

Politicians in California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, Oregon and Iowa — among other states — are considering the rare step of raising gasoline taxes to help fill growing budget gaps and potholed roads.

New Twist for Pickens in Energy Independence Fight (AP)

Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens is adding a new wrinkle to his push for US energy independence: monthly updates to remind Americans how much money they’re paying for foreign oil.

Canada to Talk about Oil Sands with Obama (AP)

Canadian PM Stephen Harper said yesterday that energy and the environmental impact of Alberta’s massive oil sands operations will be priorities when Obama visits Canada on his first foreign trip as US president.