Today’s Climate: January 20, 2009

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Gore, Environmentalists Optimistic about Obama’s Environmental Policies (Los Angeles Times)

Environmental groups that have spent years playing defense against the Bush administration see an opportunity to push through their policies under Obama.

Antarctic Ice Shelf Set to Collapse (Reuters)

A huge Antarctic ice shelf is on the brink of collapse with just a sliver of ice holding it in place, the latest victim of global warming that is altering maps of the frozen continent.

Surveyed Scientists Agree Global Warming is Real (CNN)

Man-made global warming is real, according to a recent US survey based on the opinions of 3,146 scientists. The strongest consensus came from climatologists, with 97% agreeing humans play a role.

Better Grazing Practices Could Boost CO2 Trade: Report (Reuters)

Simple changes in grazing practices could soak up millions of tons of carbon a year, helping fight climate change, improving farm productivity and earning farmers carbon credits, new research has found.

Suncor Cuts 2009 Spending, Posts Q4 Loss (Reuters)

Suncor Energy, Canada’s second-largest oil sands producer, has posted a fourth-quarter loss and said it will halve its 2009 spending plan to $2.38 billion.

Wind Power Jobs to Double in EU by 2020: Study (Reuters)

Employment in the wind power industry will more than double in the EU to around 330,000 in 2020, according to a report issued today by the the European Wind Energy Association.

Plans to Extend Scotland’s Biggest Wind Farm (BBC News)

Plans for a major expansion of Scotland’s largest onshore wind farm development have been unveiled. The aim is to produce 614 megawatts of electricity — enough to power every home in Glasgow.

Berkeley Nudging Residents to Cut the Carbon (San Francisco Chronicle)

To meet its ambitious goals to reduce CO2 emissions, Berkeley is encouraging all 100,000 residents to join support groups to help individuals fight global warming.