InsideClimate News Wins SPJ Award for ‘Choke Hold’ Infographics

The graphics by Paul Horn were honored for work that investigated and explained the fossil fuel industry's fight against climate policy, science and clean energy.

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The Society of Professional Journalists announced today that InsideClimate News’ Choke Hold series has won in the informational graphics category of the 2017 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

The graphics were produced by Paul Horn with reporting by Neela Banerjee, David Hasemyer and Marianne Lavelle. The investigative series chronicles the fossil fuel industry’s fight against climate policy, science and clean energy. The seven stories examine how the industry operates with collective force and efficiency across society and how it has thwarted the nation’s ability respond to the climate change problem. The stories were built around narratives of ordinary Americans suffering the consequences. The series has been honored by several other journalism organizations.

The most elaborate infographic, “Climate Denial: The Long Campaign of Misinformation,” traces the path of climate misinformation from the 1950s to the Oval Office today and how it was passed, like a baton, through the decades.

Here are the award-winning graphics:

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