Today’s Climate: January 24-25, 2009

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Obama Offers Some Economic Stimulus Specifics (Los Angeles Times)

Pres. Obama, offering the first specifics on his $825-billion stimulus package, said on Saturday it would add 3,000 miles of electric transmission lines and double the nation’s use of wind and solar power within three years.

U.S. to Get European Proposal on Gas Emissions (International Herald Tribune)

The European Commission is preparing to call on the US to create a trans-Atlantic system of carbon trading to limit CO2 emissions, and to press for the establishment of similar markets spanning the developed world.

Climate Bill Expected to Pass Maryland Assembly (Baltimore Sun)

Legislation that would commit Maryland to reducing climate pollution 25% by 2020 appears likely to pass this year, after Gov. O’Malley announced on Friday that he would co-sponsor a bill that has won backing from organized labor, industry and environmentalists.

New Ontario Wind Farms Will Whip Up Investment, Jobs, Extra Electricity (Toronto Star)

Ontario’s power authority has signed long-term power purchase contracts that will see six more wind farms built in the province, contributing 500 MW of renewable power capacity and creating 2,200 jobs.

Dealing With Realities of an Electric-Car Fleet (New York Times)

The global auto industry has yet to agree on a standardized shape for the connectors that will replenish the batteries of electric cars, though the Society of Automotive Engineers has been working on standards for such a plug for more than two years.

Coal Trying for Slice of Stimulus Package (Charleston Gazette)

Lawmakers in the House have set aside $2.4 billion in their current version of the economic stimulus for capturing emissions from coal plants. Coal lobbyists are now trying to increase the industry’s already large chunk of the stimulus.

Environmental Groups Hail Obama’s Green Agenda (AFP)

International environmental groups have praised evidence of swift change by Pres. Obama in his inaugural week, saying it could transform Washington from a green "pariah" into a world leader.

Carl Pope Switches Roles at the Sierra Club (Green Inc.)

Carl Pope, the longtime executive director of the Sierra Club, is stepping down from that role to become chairman of the organization with a focus on climate change, the group has announced.

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