Today’s Climate: January 30, 2009

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Air Force Drops Plans for Coal-to-Liquid Plant (McClatchy Newspapers)

Air Force officials have announced that plans to build a coal-to-liquid plant at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana "are not viable" and will no longer be pursued for development.

Arctic’s Thaw Brings Security Risks for NATO (AP)

NATO will need a military presence in the Arctic as global warming melts frozen sea routes and major powers rush to lay claim to lucrative energy reserves, the military bloc’s chief has announced.

Commission Rejects Plan to Drill Off Santa Barbara Coast (Los Angeles Times)

The California State Lands board has voted 2-1 against a Texas oil company’s proposal to sink new oil wells off the Santa Barbara coast in return for an agreement to shut down all four of its offshore platforms within 13 years.

World’s Glaciers Shrink for 18th Year in Alps, Andes (Bloomberg)

Glaciers from the Andes to Alaska and across the Alps shrank as much as 10 feet in 2007 — the 18th year of retreat and twice as fast as a decade ago — according to the most recent figures available from the World Glacier Monitoring Service.

States Working to Link Regional Cap-and-Trade Programs (Climatewire)

States on both coasts of the US are discussing the possibility of merging two regional climate initiatives to create a sprawling program restricting C02 emissions that will affect several economic sectors, one-third of the country and most of Canada.

Lawsuit Filed in Northeast Carbon Trading Scheme (Green Inc.)

Indeck Energy has filed a lawsuit against various New York state agencies, claiming they had no legal authority to participate in the Northeast’s regional carbon trading scheme, RGGI.

U.S. Global Warming Satellite Seeks Missing Carbon (Reuters)

The US will launch a satellite next month to measure carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and to determine what exactly happens to the climate pollutant after it is spewed into the air, NASA has said.

Most EU Nations Fail to Meet Air Standards (AP)

The EU has announced that 23 of its 27 member nations have failed to meet clean air standards put in place four years ago.

Australia Cracks Down on Great Barrier Reef Pollution (AFP)

Australia has announced a crackdown on pollution of the Great Barrier Reef, as the World Heritage site comes under increasing threat from toxic chemicals and climate change.