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David Sassoon, Founder & Publisher

Stacy Feldman, Co-Founder & Executive Editor

Lynn Zinser, Audience Engagement Editor

Lisa Song, Reporter, Boston

Katherine Bagley, Reporter, Connecticut

Zahra Hirji, Reporter, Boston

Sabrina Shankman, Producer/Reporter, New York

John H. Cushman Jr., Reporter & Carbon Copy Blog, New Jersey

David Hasemyer, Reporter, San Diego

Neela Banerjee, Washington, D.C.

Naveena Sadasivam, Reporter, New Jersey

Paul Horn, Graphic Design, San Diego, CA

Alexander Wood, Business Development Manager


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Contributors & Consultants

C. Ray Hall, Editor, Louisville, KY

Bob Simison, Editor, Santa Fe, NM

Catherine Mann, Graphic Design, Los Angeles, CA

Chris Miller, Web Development, Great Falls, MT

Sanders Law Group, New York, NY

Stuart Michael, Accounting Consultant, New York, NY


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