Video: The Economic Wisdom of a Green Recovery

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Usually, you will find Professor Dan J.H. Greenwood teaching in a classroom at the Hofstra University School of Law. He’s spent a good part of his career understanding corporations and their role in politics, and his work sheds light on why global warming is not something that corporations will be able to solve without government regulation.

We enticed him on camera to explain to us a thing or two about the pending economic recovery package. With the feds set to print a trillion dollars of new currency and give it away, we were alarmed. After all, if you or I tried to do that, we’d be thrown in jail.

For the good professor, there’s no such thing as a dumb question, and so he answered our concerns. He also explained a good deal more: why the current recession is an especially good time to invest in green infrastructure projects; how the poor have been impoverished over recent decades (no, that’s not a redundancy); and why the jobs we create are the truest measure of an economy that works.

So welcome to a periodic interview series SolveClimate is inaugurating with this video called A New York Minute with Dan Greenwood: Why the Recession is a Good Time to Invest in Green Infrastructure.


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